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sarah (scottishmenrock) wrote,
@ 2003-09-30 18:26:00
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    i am the walrus
    wow three people or should i say girls in my home living class are pregnant. this class is supposed to teach you how to be responsible with familly planning. i dont think getting pregnant when you are only 17 with no husband and no real way of supporting yourself is very respolnsible. pregnancy is almost like a fad. ppl see their friends getting attention for being pregnant and they think hey it would be kind of fun to have a baby. what is even worse is when the teachers start glorifying the pregnant girls by giving them extra attention, candy, and even gifts or exceptions on late homework. i can understand a teacher not wanting to offend someone but god. the girl got pregnant not won an academy award. if we want to be fair lets give special priviledges to the father as well or even better the teachers can start handing out gift certificates to the people who have the most unprotected sex. anyways enough of that. my car isnt back from the shop yet which pisses me off. they are probably joy riding in it instead of fixing it. i am so sleepy. i am glad that we only have three more days of school. hold on i got to flip my hair like i am in a shampoo comercial. i am just so freakin adorable that i could just look at myself all day. oh well.... i swear that i have about 18 of those kinds of girls in all my class and there are even a bunch of guys like that too. "our penis is small but our football rings are so huge" ugh what is the point of having a huge ugly football ring if you are not in the nfl? i guess to pick up way hot chicks. all right woohoo lets get drunk and maybe have sex then we can have a little football player of our own. grrrrrrr that is one sexy pick up line is it not? the first performance of the play is thursday. i just stuck that in there for filler. so much drama in my first few blurties. i was a sad sad person. but i have moved on. anyways i am going to go do an online jigsaw puzzle. peace and love to all.

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