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sarah (scottishmenrock) wrote,
@ 2003-07-14 22:26:00
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    yes i got a date!!!
    ok ryan stayed at my party after everyone left until 3am and when he left he asked me if i wanted to go out to a movie and dinner with him the next day. i said yes and stuff!! well he called me sunday and told me that krystal had called and he had informed her that he was taking me out and she got off the phone because she was pissed. well he called me and we decided to see pirates and he picked me up at 5:30 and we went and ate at arbys. we were going to go to a park and walk around before the movie but we talked so long at arbys that we didnt have time to. well we went and saw the movie and it was very good as i have told you. well after we watched the ending credits waiting for the full theater to empty out we went to spangles and got orange juice slushies and cinnamin rolls. we went back to my house and ate on my back porch and then i gave him a tour of my house. we sat in my room and looked at pictures(with door open) and had a pillow fight and played with my hobbit action figures which was quite fun!! then we got too loud and my mom told us to quiet down so we went back outside. we sitting on the deck when ryan spotted the full moon and wanted to sit in the yard and look at it. i reached for my shoes but he picked me up and carried me out by the pool. we sat there and watched the clouds and talked about what we saw in them. my brother and his friend matt came home and we all went to mcdonalds to get the 20chicken mcnuggets for 2dollars deal thing then came home. robert brought out his acoustic guitar and played and ryan taught him some stuff and they made up stupid songs together. well my brother and matt went inside to sleep and ryan played and sang the guitar for me for a while. then we talked about stuff while he massaged my feet then he ran his fingers through my hair. well we checked the clock and it was 4am and we laughed and he decide he should go home now lol. i walked him to his car and we talked some more then he hugged me. and said he wanted to kiss me but he would be a gentlmen and wait till we had gone out more. i laughed and then he grabbed me and hugged me again. then he left after i promised to call him .. well thats all and sorry its so darn long nancy oh this is also going in my blurty lol love ya sarah

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