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sarah (scottishmenrock) wrote,
@ 2003-05-27 16:58:00
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    Can xmen really change your life?
    well as some of you might have guessed i saw x2:xmen united or as it should rightly be called xmen2. the first name is just too long for a sequel title. it was a 100 times better than the first one. sure it had cheap corny jokes but that made it fun. what made it funner? Wolverine. wow he is way hottttt. even with the wolf earlike hair he was way sexy. dont try to tell me those lies that he isnt real. i know the truth for i ama mutant too. lol you dont believe me either huh/ well anyways my acting final is tomorrow along with my spanish and history final. then the next day i have english, math and choir finals. then i am frreee. until i get a job and stuff. welll i also have that whole saving the world thing that most mutant super heros have to put up with. atleast i have my man wolverine holdin my back. yeah thats way cool sarah. chris is soo smart he runs his own live journal from his own server. wow hes cool.i get to see xmen2 again and drool over wolverine again on friday. i cant even picture hugh jackman with without wolverine hair. all i see is leopold prancing around with wolf ears and claws. aah the fun of a healthy imagination. i want to make out with wolverine on a motorcycle.whew!!! welll i have to go before i ruin everyones brains... Mrs.Wolverine....errrrr.....I mean Sarah

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