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sarah (scottishmenrock) wrote,
@ 2003-05-18 17:08:00
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    WEll look at me being happy for once
    well ryan just emailed me telling me that he wants us to remain friends and keeping hanging out. he said he cant wiat till tueday when we can hang out. he said he also wants to makeout with me lol that crazy kid. i feel so free now. i dont know why but i just feel super happy. i think its cool that both of us a mature enough to be friends and hang out. well i went to the fireworks last night with krystal and emily and had a blast. the played the lord of the rings soundtrack as we were looking for a place to sit and i was flipping out. i kept screaming hobbits forever and frodo lives. man i am a super big nerd. then i got to hear some beatles music. its really sad how many people in my school dont know who john le4nnon and paul mcartney are. oh well. then isaw a guy just hanging out watching the fireworks in a kilt. i couldnt believe it. it was the first person i have ever seen in real life and upclos4e wearing a kilt for fun. then some drunk girl backed into emilys car wow shes way cool. then we played twister at emilys and talked about how hott ewan mcgregor is. well that was my great night and i hope you all had a good one too. world peace and salvation, sarah

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