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Laura (scoobychk) wrote,
@ 2005-04-03 17:24:00
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    Current mood: contemplative

    Laura's "Sin City" movie review.....
    ...I'm still trying to process how I feel about the whole movie.They did an amazing job of filming it, I just don't know if I cared for the movie as a whole. =/ It was quite an odd little movie that's for sure. The violence in it was, well, there was a whole LOT of violence (that was practically the whole movie). I think Domino and I counted a total of 5 times that guys had their "parts" shot off or ripped off (one poor guy had it done twice!). It was quite an experience let me tell ya. I thought they were just kidding about the level of nudity as well, they weren't. I liked the way the overall movie was filmed though. Just like a comic book. I give them props for that. I guess I just had really high expectations and it fell slightly short of those expectations. They hyped it up SO much that I should have known it really couldn't live up to that hype. I'm just not the type of person who likes to see heads (yes, that is plural) being tossed around like crazy (detached from the bodies of course) and I don't like guys eating people (especially "good" guys like Elijah Wood-- it so doesn't work for him) or seeing those guys being eaten. The movie was just all around odd, but that works for some peope (Domino thought it was great). I should have known it would be like it was because Terantino helped direct it *rolls eyes and wonders what the hell they were thinking* I guess it can't appeal to everyone. I do recommend that people see it, just be prepared for a very strange movie that is just full of odds and ends and violence and blood and general nasty things galore. I'm still trying to digest how I feel about the whole experience.

    Overall, Bruce Willis did a pretty good job with his role. Clive Owen was pretty good, Brittany Murphy's character was a tad cheesy at times, Alexis Bledel-- I'm just used to her in a certain type of role and the same goes for Elijah Wood (you can't do a movie as big and as great as the LOTR and proceed to another box office biggie like Sin City, with a total character reversal... it was odd... although he did a good job of playing a complete and utter psycho!). Devon Aoki (I think that's how you spell her last name) did a pretty good job of totally kicking ass in a viscious sort of killer-psycho sort of way, but you know, hookers have to be able to defend themselves. Jessica Alba did a good job as well... although you should never fall in love with a man "old" enough to be your grandfather (just see the movie for this one... I mean, it wasn't all bad...).

    Okay, that's my general review. I still have to see Guess Who. Sahara comes out on Friday as well (have to see that).

    Oh, they raised the movie price as well so I had a tainted view going into the theater! And they also showed really crappy previews. Directors are getting desperate movie wise and are making some lame movies!

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