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James (scleafsfan) wrote,
@ 2004-03-30 11:52:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:The theme song from Cowboy Bebop in my head

    What a day
    Woke up to another beautiful day yesterday. Did the normal stuff, then went to class. Nothing much eventful there...minor scales are really hard to play on Piano. Lunch with Emmaly and Richard (his class was cancelled), and then the radio show. I really liked my show was a lot of fun! Back to the room to do some studying and stuff before jazz practice, which ended up hurting more than it helped. I got really nervous about the concert at dinner, so I only had a bowl of cornflakes and an apple. Our group ate in the private dining room with an award-winning preacher I wanted to hear speak at WF but couldn't because of the concert. I didn't get a word in edgewise, but I wanted to tell him how much I enjoyed and felt God the last time he preached was one of those moments that made a significant impact on my faith, and I wanted him to know. Well, I didn't get to tell him. Oh well. Back up to the recital hall to practice our Saxophobia arrangement of In The Mood before the concert started, and ran to TJ's room to get some batteries for my tuner. The concert went pretty well. Everybody's playing ability was gone after a normal 1.25 hr. practice before the concert, so the end was pretty rough. My solo went ok...almost all of my friends knew I was freaked out about it and showed up to support me. Thank you guys so much. It meant a lot to me. During the concert, WF was holding the elections for officers next year, and I mentioned before that I was nominated for Secretary. Well, I was elected! Afterwards I was starving (and Emily E somehow knew) so we ran to Wendy's to get some food. I discovered that Wendy's has reeeeally good caesar salads. Back to the room to study and wait patiently for midnight, because that's when we could register for classes. I got into all the classes I wanted, but couldn't get into some of my music classes. Stupid computers. Emmaly and I are taking Beginning Social Dance with Emily D. and Justin as our PE activity. It should be fun! Old Testament, World Civ I, Psychology, and eventually Elementary Harmony and Ear Training/Sight Singing are on my schedule, along with all the music ensembles and lessons and stuff. Oops! Gotta go to class! Good thing I'm finished....

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