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James (scleafsfan) wrote,
@ 2004-03-24 21:45:00
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    Current mood: exhausted
    Current music:Incubus again

    So much for that idea
    Well, I was going to do some homework and practicing, but I can't get A) motivated or 2) to work...everybody wants to talk or needs help. And that is fine with me.

    I have had a good week! And today was really good!

    Chemistry went pretty well, and we're listening to a lot of Romantic music in Music. I like Romantic period music! Dr. Bryant didn't ramble incoherently in New Testament today, so I got something good out of it. We're learning minor scales in Piano, and they're hard, especially because I don't know them off the top of my head on sax like I do the Major scales. So they're hard. Really hard. An interesting lunch with Emmaly--we discussed dreams, and I got a little scared. Back to the room to chill for a couple minutes before lab. I ran into Whilden on the way down to lab, and he told me that one of the guys was for sure getting off the application for the infimary, so I was in. Happiness ensued. In lab we did titrations, and it took FOREVER! We didn't mess up (which would have been really bad if we did, because it took 3 weeks to make the solution we were titrating!). No time between lab and Wind Ensemble, which was a woodwind sectional and boring. In the piece we played a lot today, we have something like 76 measures of rest in a row. snooze. Came back to the room for a minute and Daddy told me we got a new boat! It's a 1980 O'Day 30. It looks niiice! This makes me very happy. Now I need some time off in the summer to sail on it! Dinner with almost all my friends, and then we got into the infirmary to scope out the living conditions. The rooms are huge! They are more than big enough for 3 guys. I'm looking forward to it! And two of my bestest friends, Richard and Justin, will probably be my roommates, so that's even cooler! Back to the room to talk to Dad some more and get the story about the boat, and then Courtney, and then Dad again, and now I'm helping Courtney with French homework. I need to read some Bible, so that's why I'm doing this now, because I have a feeling I will crash early. I have a busy rest of the week: meetings with my advisor and the Residence Life guy about the paperwork for the infirmary, and the Delta Omicron thing is on Friday night, and I think I have a couple tests and other stuff next week, so it'll be a busy weekend and next week. Wow...I'm really busy now. Crap...I liked relaxing....

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