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schnide (schnide) wrote,
@ 2003-06-13 02:20:00
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    Current mood: high
    Current music:Eminem-Cleaning out my closet

    Its all good, well mostly
    before i begin i must inform the reader that i took some sleeping pill thing and did not go to sleep. The result is acutally quite pleasurable, next time im gonna drink a KMX so im not as drowsey. reed said she was down for it, but i think she may have been joking. garret is back in town, and as usual he is in trouble, this time for a 170mph chase through virginia that wound up with him getting arressted. i love garrett to death and as cool as it sounds to tell a story about a police chase at 170 i wish he would calm down a little, i dont want anything worse than what has already occured to happen. garrett is too good of a person to be doing what he is. this has been a good week so far, got a $100 savings bond cashed which i desporatly needed, got heavily plastered sunday night, im not so sure i needed that. Its been a good week for everyone, duane got his RX-7, it sucks garrett crashed the R1(seporate from VA incident), but he wasnt badly injured, which matters more than any bike or car. me, jon and seth may have found a house, can you say kegerator? im supposed to meet this girl tomarrow so the week may only get better, but tomarrow is friday the 13th . . . oh well im gonna go take another one of those pills

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