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D.Con (scarface527) wrote,
@ 2003-10-10 18:37:00
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    hey hey let's go
    Well, I got my first two hickies from girls. Belloma and Gill, namely. We were all goofing off in some park, and they decided to give each other hickies. I then asked for one from Gillian Goldberg, which was bold on my part, but at the same time a little desparate.
    I don't like Gill in that sense anymore. I just think she's rull cute, and she's fun to be with.
    Also: My Dad's 50th birthday party is on the day we get back from Stratford. Gill, Belloma, Amanda, Billy(Maybe?) and Emma Tripp(maybe) are coming. Jeri is working or taking her sister some place, and Boaz has to go to his parent's aniversary that night. Ok, doesn't it sound odd....wanting your kids around on the day you got married? I mean, my parents try to keep me as far away as possible on that day.

    We were in the park today, and Belloma told Boaz that Amanda likes him. He was really shocked. Poor kid, he's all torn up, knowing that Bell, Manda and I are all half in love/lust with him. I wish I had never gotten upset about that, because at least he'd have a friend. Sometimes, I want Boaz and other times I don't. It's strange.

    Bell was also down in his boxers most of the time. I felt if I wasn't there, they would have kissed a lot or something. He's definitely scared to death of her. Or, rather the things she could give him.

    I want to be a gypsy for Halloween...But a sexy gypsy? I have to find a top that will be low cut enough for a gypsy. Or maybe, just a witch. Or, even a vampire. Vampires are looking pretty damn glamorous these days, because Kate Beckinsale is pretty hot in Underwworld.

    I also had a long talk with Bell today. She thinks she's wasting time with David, and that being with a 16 year old isn't fair to him. She also says he likes to have lots of sex, and she doesn't oftentimes. We agreed that Boaz is just a catalyst for everyone's sexual tension. Bo is the most comfortable male besides David for her, and he's hot. Boaz is available all the time for me, which is good because I have a hard time getting to know people. amanda is just flat-out, plain in love with him. Which in my opinion, is retarded because she's his best friend and he could never like her like that.
    Now I'm going to go shower and shave because I feel gross after rolling around in the park.
    Would it be terrible of me to kiss Matt Baum? Or Gill? Or even Eric? That would be terribly forward of me, especially whenever I shouldn't. Yum.

    Now, I'm off.

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