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Alexis (scaredchika) wrote,
@ 2005-02-23 07:44:00
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    Last night I talked to Raphi for, like, three hours! It was soo great! I was hyper and I couldn't stop laughing the whole time. At dinner mom made me sound like a retard. My cousin asked if I ever saw Shane and I said no, I go to a "special" school and was acting funny. And then mom said yeah she's in ExEd and is qualified to ride the short bus. And I started laughing sooo hard. I started to drool too cause i had just put food in my mouth when i started laughing. SO i covered my mouth so i didnt drool everywhere and laughed for like 10 minutes. Finally i stopped laughing and told why i covered my mouth and was laughing harder and everybody laughed at me lol.
    But anyways.... I was in a beter mood last night and i think i got Raphi in a better mood too. He was edgy from his oral surgery and not eating or sleeping and having pain. I feel so bad for him. He can't eat or he'll break open the stiches. Its been like 6 days already since he's had anything but soup and milkshakes. So i decided, i'll have two or three things that i can eat for the next while (until he can eat again). I am not eating anything but those things until he can eat, too. *nods* yup. Thats my deal. And the bells going to ring and there is a fight outside so i better get going. I'll update later Not tonight though cause i cant get on the computer cause Dea is spending the night and mom doesnt want us to be unsociable.
    ~Keep racking up those brownie points, Raphi~


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