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The Lord does give-The Lord does take (scanningpink) wrote,
@ 2003-05-06 21:46:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:Tears for Fears - I know this much is true

    Pale Shelter.
    Hmmmmm. I fucking hate where I'm at right now. You can take that in any way that you want (i.e.: physically, mentally, etc) because each one works. I fucking hate it. I'm failing school. Which, now, I can't get into Compact, which means I fail. That means I'm stuck at high school for a few extra years. That won't happen. Ya know why? Because I'll drop out first. Fuck school. I never thought I'd say that and actually mean it. I'm going to drop out as soon as I turn 18. Fuck everyone.

    And didn't someone want me to be able to talk to them when I have a problem or am upset? Huh? Didn't ya want me to be able to 'vent' to you about things? Well, I decided to call you and try and talk to you about something, but no, you won't answer the phone. Thanks. And yeah, I know you're going through your whole little immature game of "I'm not talking to you" but you could at least answer the phone. You know, maybe, just maybe, I had a SMALL problem. But, hey. It's all good right?? You win. I understand that you didn't know this. But, you could at least answer the phone and tell me not to call back. I mean, come on. I would answer it if you called and I wasn't talking to you. Oh, wait, I wouldn't be that immature over something so little. Yeah. Thanks anyway. OH, WAIT! WHAT'S THAT? YOU'RE GOING TO BE MAD AT ME FOR THIS TOO? You gonna go into your whole "I'm not talking to you thing again?" Hmmm. We'll never get anywhere if you can't even talk to me about things. Even I tell you things like this. Holy shit. And you thought I was the stubborn one?

    Ummm. Only take part of that as reality. You shouldn't be reading this anyway though. Should you? I'm just upset at the moment and I decided to take it out in the form of bitching at you (and we all know who 'you' are).

    But, seriously, I don't mean to be so harsh. I'm seriously really upset though. I'm sitting here crying. Don't get mad at me for writing what I did. I know you go on and on to Janelle about how I piss you off all the time. She tells me. I'm sorry.

    And I hope you know I was lying when I said that me and mom were talking about how annoying you are. I just said it because maybe it would make you realize that you needed to stop. You were being really mean. And even Mike, Tania, and Nap agree that you don't know when to stop. I'm not trying to be mean by saying that. Just think about it next time. Please.


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