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+Ris+ (savferris) wrote,
@ 2003-02-16 22:58:00
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    Current mood: sick

    Heya Joey, training was great today.THe best so far.Well, the new team is great too!Quite impressed actually.Finally...they are learning at least something.haha!WE played like veterans man!!haha!well all thanks to the good coaching from me and shazni!hahaha!

    The move that i couldn't forget for today was when the keeper threw the ball to hafidz on the left,one touch to control the ball and another to bring the ball forward.Beat a player and gave a through ball to me on the right beating 4 players!I got the ball,controlled it,tapped it forward,beat 2 players....saw shazni running down the left flank to the farpost...gave a sweet cross and shazni ended it with a diving header! Beating our No1...hahaha!The golden goal of the day.*muakz* the nicest one for the new team!

    Don played well today unlike last week....he was a wreck!haha!Anyways...both hilman and him has a deadly freekick!haha!really beat me to it!i was the guru of freekicks last time..but not now after the Os.But still nevertheless...i am the playmaker of the team.hehe!Well there were also other players that played really fact, the whole team played well.And yeah..there is this new guy name rozaini, he kinda looks like marsiah's adik.He was really shy at first...but later...fuh!biler dia bukak langkah ajer...ceh..macam...macam...err...entah lah.Ok anyways...Faj followed to watch us play soccer and so was someone else.Malu abit ah.but it was alright.

    well i am getting sick so i think i better go to sleep now...and mars...if you're reading...just to let you know...i can't be really sensible when i am really really hurt.You just can't imagine how hurt i am don't say you know how i feel...

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