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Saul Hancock (saulhancock717) wrote,
@ 2011-08-26 12:49:00
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    Fly Shops in Colorado
    Fly fishing is not a cheap sport. Lets face it... you gotta lug over to your local fly shop (or one of those online fly shops) and buy a bunch of stuff to get started. Fly reels, fly rods, line, flies, tying materials, waders, boots, and a whole bunch of other fishing stuff. It's not cheap. But here is the up swing. The sport of fly fishing isn't like baseball... the stuff you get lasts a lifetime. You get a good rod and it isn't like a bat. You don't need to go get another one next season when you wanna hit the rivers and catch some trout. You can jump right on the Colorado River and whip out the same gear you've been using for the past five years and still catch a steelhead that's as big as any fish you caught the first time you bought that fly rod at the fly shop next door. It's a long term thing. And as such you fellow perspective fishing nuts need to remember... this is a long term sport. The gear is just a way to get on the river and fish. Rods, reels, and waders are just the means to an end. SO don't give up when your fly shop says it'll be a few hundred bucks for all your fishing gear. Just remember that you will be using those items for YEARS to come. And you'll be loving the sport of fly fishing until you grow old. So go out and begin the journey it takes to hit up the rivers and streams! Go forth and catch the fish of your dreams! For you are a fisherman. A fly fisherman, and a committed one.

    Colorado Fly Shops Fly Shops in Colorado

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