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K. Nicole (sassichik269) wrote,
@ 2003-12-24 20:36:00
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    Current mood: weird
    Current music:"Heartburn"-Alicia Keys

    Christmas Eve
    Its Christmas Eve and im just chillin out..seen my niece and nephew today and gave them their to hag wit da babies, i love em i wanted them to stay, but their other grandma was comin down so they had to go..if i want them they are gonna come back for new years and staya few days..i prolly wont party and if i dont they'll be with me...but today my sis had to go to the doctor and i had to take a drug test for the new job that im gonna be starting after the holidays..well my new part time job..Im gonna be working at Best Buy, hooray for me lol..I know i work so much and so hard, its crazy..but that's me..the kinda girl who does everything for herself..dont ask me where that independent streak came from! I wish i was lazy and comfy with that! My mom was gonna pay my cell bill today, but i already sent it off..cause i stayz on top of my all i need is some fly wheels lol (gangsta girl) But ya, im gonna buy another car next year cause i really need one so that's a reason why i work so much..gotta build up the savings account..nothing's cheap huh? Im goin back to school in January so im gonna quit my nursing job and do the damn thing..My kids will thank me one day believe me when they are rollin in da dough..Im not really excited or happy for xmas..nothing really surprises me hasnt really been fun since i was a kid..I do like to eat tho, lol! But last year i was all krunk cause i got a video camera so i guess that's an exception..I watched some bootleg copies of Kill Bill, Haunted Mansion & Love Dont Cost a Thing..I loved them all! LOL...Watchin skateboard videos rite now..Bam Margera and some other guys..About to go and watch the Sanford and Son episodes on TVLAND...Crystal sent me the cutest gifts..i got a little pillow that's hangin on my door currently that says been there done that..(too cute!!) Some really funky diva shades and a copy of the Alicia Keys album, which i have been listening to all day and i am diggin! and that's unbelievable cause every since i got Outkast's album i havent listened to ANYTHING else..Well anyways ive got big plans for the New Year, its gonna be great (Lord Willing) IM going to try to make it great..and avoid all the mistakes i made this year;) So rock on everybody and i hope your Christmas is good, im sure mine will be ITE..No big deal..HOWEVER, MARCH 10th will rock!! haha..........

    love peace and turkey grease

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year...


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