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K. Nicole (sassichik269) wrote,
@ 2003-12-20 01:55:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:"Badaboom"-B2K

    Just whoop that ass, maam!!
    Long time no write!! My puter was straight ackin' a damn fool..Yes, ackin!! I couldnt get online at would freeze up and just not even let me do anything..So yea, its good to be back online! Saw some kids showing their natural asses today in Burke's..The lady looked at me all embarrased and was like im not sure what i should even do with them..I was like well, you should just whoop their asses, maam..Its been known to work..There is no reason for any child to act like that..Im sorry..i had to tell her that because im tired of kids acting stupid and parents not doing anything..My mama gave me a pep talk before we even went in the store and was like dont ask for anything and dont think about touching anything unless i tell you get your ass in this buggy and be quiet, lol sure did..i turned out ok..stressing the OKAY!! soo..its the holiday season..but it doesnt so much feel like it here..after all..its Texas..and not just Texas, but EAST TEXAS which means NO SNOW and the temp is normally pretty high..North Texas, West Texas get snow..South Texas has no trees so it gets really cold..and its rite near the border and the Gulf of Mexico is rite there..but here in East Texas..we dont get any of that..hmm..I guess im missing out,they had a Xmas celebration at the zoo of all places, they had a snow machine and shit..but i missed it! however it has been getting to atleast 40 at nite..guess that's good enuff..Wrappin up the Xmas my lil bro a John Deere shirt and Trucker hat and some Dickies..Got my sis some warm ups and i need one more thing for her..gotta pick up something for my Pappa and im totally done!! Oh yea gotta go by American Eagle and get Kerri something (girl from work) too..Perfect time for PMS, i swear its always at the wrong time..ive got these two pimples and they are gross and im glad my hair is getting longer again because its doing a good job of covering them up, lol! Friday nite's Degrassi was soooo GOOD!! I just cant even believe it..Cant wait till Jan cause all new season is coming up and im gonna be glued to the set like nobody's business! I havent written (my story) in a while, i havent felt like it..but i read another VC Andrews book Garden of Shadows, im about to start Seeds of Yesterday..Tony has been callin me like crazy..he's sweet, but i guess im just gonna tell him i dont want to be with him..because if i dont..i'll end up taking all his gifts and money and tellin him i think we should see other people and then he will be pissed, so i dont think we should get anything started, lol..My random excitement= my mom serving spiral cut ham with pineapples on XMAS..Cant wait to gain5 more pounds!! Oh yea, i realized today how short i am! Everybody towers over me..and including my 14 year old brother..i feel like a dwarf, *note 2 self, add elevator shoes to Xmas list* Well im off to do things...yea its 2:13am but im off to do stuff, lol..
    Holla 4 da Dolla
    PS, Crystal yo mail is on its way!! Jennie, miss talkin to ya, we gotta catch up!! To all my other dear blurty readers, Happy Scmolidays!!!

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