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K. Nicole (sassichik269) wrote,
@ 2003-12-10 18:22:00
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    Current mood:snotty-nosed
    Current music:"Sorry 2004"-Ruben Studdard

    Everybody need to stop actin hard & shit....
    ...........before you get your ass whooped, i'l smack the shit out ya.....everybody needs somebody to looovvveeeeee, before its tooooo late.....tooo laaateee!!

    Ok im just too addicted to this CD i need a chill pill on tha for real:) I looked so pretty today..I had on my Algebra is for Lovers Tee and my fave pair of low rise flare leg jeans..Got em at Wal-Mart like ages ago and ive washed them a million times and they fit sooo cute..Im in love with them..and as much as ive looked i havent found any other jeans that flatter me the way they do..I tried on some camo's in old navy and looked soo silly, lol..I just think that most clothes are made for caucasian body types and i dont have one of those..Ive got tigo bitty's and hips and thighs that dont really agree with those britches i like to wear..My mama always complains that my booty is busting out of em lol..but hey untill i make my own clothing line i gotta do what i gotta do..Went and got my permit to register for Spring Semester, bought dental mom got me a xmas gift from office max and i cant figure wtf it could be!! im suspicious...hmm...Hopefully going to see the Nick Cannon movie tomorrow, with his fine ass..was even gonna buy his CD today but it was sold out at Circuit City!! Gone on NICK, lol ..Im being lazy, i know damn well that i should be writing and im at the puter eating reeses pieces and reading Ebony with Alicia Keys on the cover!! I gotta focus, so im gone

    Love, Peace & Soul


    PS..I needz some Trevor updates/photos pretty soon..
    that is all thanks:)

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