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K. Nicole (sassichik269) wrote,
@ 2003-12-08 17:56:00
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    Current mood:distracted
    Current music:"Take off Your Cool"-Andre3000 & Nora Jones

    Its been raining all day here..Ive been watching TV reading VC Andrews Novels & writing my story..Checked some services out that can help me develop a screenplay..some have pretty reasonable prices..Im right at the climax rite now, so im not yet done with the first draft..I say by tomorrow evening i should be finished or pretty close to finishing..Ive had this information overload going on for the past few days and ive had tons of ideas and no matter where i am, i just jot them down, lol napkins & all..I know that's crazy but every once in a while i'll get a creative surge and write a ton! Ive got this book of poems & songs that started when i was about 12 years old..This is the third story that ive actually written..but i have a good feeling about this one, i mean not necessarily become a trillionaire but to actually get some closure from these ideas that have been plaguing me in the middle of the nite and early in the morning, if anything i would like to finish writing and have a book and or screenplay in my posession to do whatever i choose with it! My dad is about to buy some more property since he sold the ranch..the property he's buying is sooo gorgeous..Of course its out in the country and it has hills and beautiful trees, but it has a manmade LAKE on it!! Its crazy, my mom is thinking of moving out there, i know my bro wont want that, lol..& then we'll be a little farther away from each other, but i'll visit..Time will tell tho, im a city girl...or better yet a country girl who has this ongoing love affair with the big city..I need to get tickets to the Nutcracker ballet before they sell out, im about to go and check prices and eat

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