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K. Nicole (sassichik269) wrote,
@ 2003-12-06 20:42:00
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    Current mood: mellow
    Current music:"Prototype"-Andre 3000

    A Day in the Life (Playing Catch-up)
    Hello dear blurty and my lovely readers! Its been a little while since ive written..Here's little recap..Went to my uncle's funeral on friday with my fam.It was hard..but everyone did really well..Im gonna miss him cause he was a great man..he gave really good advice..he told me.."dont be walkin around lookin all tore up in front of men..keep yourself lookin good sugar" LOL so ive bee extra pretty lately just in honor of him..he was the last link to my grandfather so im sad, but im ok;) Went and had lunch with the fam afterwards..then drove back home and did nothing..watched TV & hungout..Sat daddy let me go shopping..Me and my bro..He gave me the bankcard..and that's dangerous,lol..Me and my bro tore up the mall..But i think we did good..I bought a lot of stuff on the clearance racks..shopped at Pac-Sun, American Eagle, Gadzooks, Old Navy,Dillards, Wet Seal, Talbots & ate at the Cheesecake Factory..Hell yea, i was ballin for a day and man did it feel good! Gota ton of shit, new Chucks, Vintage Long Sleeved tees, dickies...etc Came home did nothing..didnt call any of my friends this entire weekend..Tony called bullshittin me as usual..I told him for Christmas I want a ring..with a Tanzanite stone cause its my white gold..he was in Atlanta this weekend and checked some out..Yea he says! We talked for about 30 min..Worked today from went by so slow! Dreamed about Trevor last nite!!! LOL im such a stalker..he's all up in my dreams and shit..We were just hanging out and laughing at eachother lying down on my bed, it was pretty funny i wish i had the whole entire dialouge to post here cause i was straight crackin up like a mofo! Ive also been writing a lot more..I always wanted to publish a book and over the years ive been writing on and hopefully one day i will finish!! OOh i watched LoveJones last nite with my girl Nia
    Long and Larenz Tate, made me all sad that im NOT in LOVE, hahha...So not a whole lot goin on..Im off tomorrow so tonite im gonna stay up madd late! i know im such a kid!! Hey to everyone that i miss!!
    Crystal, Jennie, Jess, Patrick, Liz & Asher!!

    PS. 4 anyone who doesnt have Speakerboxxx/The Love Below....Please buy it so you can know how brilliant Andre's album is...I just cant get enuff of it!!

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