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ally (sarky_and_ally) wrote,
@ 2004-04-20 20:43:00
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    Current mood: flirty
    Current music:Lindsay Lohan-Confessions of a Drama Queen

    Sleepover and Movie
    on monday around late 3ish lara and Polly arrived and yer they were sleeping ova. a little later jesska came and then later lastly came sarah. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yer i had a sleepover the first one in a while at my place :S im not a big fan of sleepovers especially at my place lol :S
    we watched dvd talked and yer played this game. didnt really do much mainly just catch up and stuff yer. no ones really done much except sarah coz shes always out with ricky or kate.
    i was really tired that night coz i havent been sleeping well for a couple of weeks so yer i was "kinda" grumpy lol :P but yer. they wouldnt shut up and stop moving and yer upstairs its really creaky at just a slight footstep and yer u have to be careful where to put your foot otherwise the whole floor practically shudders and yer i dont really think some of em cared dat it would wake my parents and i was peeved at that coz im the one that'd cop the shit when the left
    sarah also wouldnt shut up god she screams and yer her voice is so high pitched and so LOUD! lol well not funny really it was annoying. but i cant just blame her coz though it was her i practically heard all night the others musta started her up...they always do. they do something to piss her off and start her off so she doesnt shut up.wats the word to use to describe it.......???shit i cant remember oh well.
    yer well like i went to my bedroom to sleep coz yer i was really tired and i thought i was gonna drop to the ground and fall asleep so yer and thats what i could hear all night :S
    ummm woke up the next morning pretty early @ 7:30 the others were asleep but slightly just awaking coz of the sunlight upstairs and yer i was still peeved with them and i knew i needed to get away from them otherwise id be screaming at them so i went for a run and burst all my anger and shit off. runnings good for that :P :S
    yes later everyone had breakfast and i couldnt be stuffed i was still stuffed from not sleeping and the run so yer i had a banana. everyone else had heaps to eat and i had this measly banana :S
    oh wellz....i must look anorexic or dieting or something but i dont need to diet i reckon and thats good i dont want to diet! lol
    later on mom oh shit soz MUM i keep spelling mum lately like the american way "mom" so yer well newayz MUM dropped us off at southlands and we went to see Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. it was k. some was funny but pretty much of it all was pathetic and yer i think this is like one of the first movies ive wanted to walk out on coz i couldnt stop laughing at how gay and pathetic it was. it was just so.....typical, boring, expected there were no surprises. nothign great about the plot. and yer i dont like lindsay lohan dunno y she just pisses me off for some reason. i loved the costumes though lol. they were pretty kewl. the guy, the hot guy of the movie apparetnly or wateva the love interest he was pretty k he had dark hair lol but yer to jesska and me he sounded speddish lol. ummmm soz that sounded mean but he sounded weird and kinda acted strangely and yer polly has a crush on him apparetnly lol. good for her! another celebrity... lol
    :P :S
    ummmm then afterwards mum dropped them off home and mum went to physio and i took off laundry, had lunch, read, watched buffy dvd, read some more and then guess wat..........WAT?!
    omg im sooooooooo happy lol.
    out of the blue "sarky" msged me and i was like YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
    he told me he was at work and was on his break and yer since we hadnt spoken for a while he wanted to see how i was going. lol :D :D he even called me bootiful once (blush) but mb he thinks just as frend :S shit im so confused with him he confuses me!!!! its hard to explain..
    so yes we msged for a while and then his break was over :( :'( stupid damn ......people that hired him lol stupid hungry jacks!!!!
    then i had dinner and had shower and then watched home and away which was GREAT! i thought it twas newayz. i want flynn and sally to break up for some reason :S i want flynn to be in as much pain as posisble! lol arent i mean :P
    yes then went on the net and no one i repeat NO ONE is on!!!!!! and yer no good emails from bot or nething :( awwwww poor me. but theni got msg from tegan and yer we're planning to see each other 2moz. dunno how long for. dunno wat we'll do probs go to chicken treat...or maybe maccas since she hates going there now or maybe hungry jacks to see if his working! thatd be kewl :D i could finally see him! :D but id be too shy :S damn me!
    yes well c u latez i luv Sarky!

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