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ally (sarky_and_ally) wrote,
@ 2006-04-03 18:01:00
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    more than anythign ive wanted to update about the ball coz it was f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c
    everyone last year sed it would suck and it soooo did not!
    i know some ppl, like sabs didnt have as much fun and got a bit bored, im sorry i wish we couldve danced together i was sooo upset that i closed my eyes in our photo!! i ruined it omg!!!!!!
    we have to get a special one for spring fling if ur going and i'll pull my eyes open :P

    lately ive been a bitch which is typical of me but i hate this year,
    everyone sed that year 12 is the best year eva
    thats sooo not freakign true for me
    i feel like an alien with everyone
    we're doing the stuff we did last year in chem and i still suck freakign hell y cant i grasp this shit?!
    a really strange thing is happenign this year is maths, im passing. and not just passing, im getting like 70% which is really strange for me. for most ppl thats like shit but for me that freaking terrific and its soooo freaking strange that im doing soo good. im really pleased now im becomign more confident in the subject now although i always feel dumb in maths classes. i must be doign somthign right in the tests where it counts :P hopefully that happens with the exams also!

    wow my nails are hurtign from typing im gonna have to cut them....
    i used to have great long nails and now since contacts and work i cant. i wish they couldve been nicer for the ball. the acrylics or wateva looked nice but everyone had them so im glad i didnt i was a bit different.

    this week i wasnt such a bitch to my frends i kinda just stayed away from them coz otherwise if i say something they'll react to it. im so tired aarghh i hate recess and lunch right now. this week wasnt so bad but i still feel like an alien. i wanna be a green alien :D
    omggggg smallville i cant freakign wait till next year wen maybe they'll show 5th season of smallville. im sooo obsessed. i guess its replacing alias since they killed it!!!! (sob) i still love u sarky
    even though u were like not even in the last few seasons

    my fav season most probs is the one with laurenand sark coz i think they're a hot couple and its soo funny how syd and vaughn wanna be together but he's staying loyal to his wife whos actually having an affair with the hottest guy eva! other than dan :P

    aarrrgh my parents figured out who i like and i have no freaking idea how! not even my frends know. they probs think i like simon....


    i feel like an evil bitch when it comes to him. i so did not see that coming that he liked me. for a year! wat the hell?! we talked like 2/3 times for like 10 mins a time last year. and he had a crush on me?! whyyyyyy???
    crazzzzzzyyyyy oh well he'll realise he soooooo much better off without me. he deserves the best girl to be his gf
    he's a great guy but not my type he reminds me too much of jon and yeah i reckon he'll realise that im not his type. im too annoying and emotional
    i dunno who is my type
    i dunno if even the guy i liek is my type
    but i dotn think i should have a bf this year even if he likes me

    nails are still hurting

    ok lets talk abotu the ball shall we

    went to get my hair done and EVERYONE WASTHEREloll
    i saw sam in her last 15 mins, rhiannon the twin in pnl, priscilla who sat next to me and beccy. and the girl that did some of my hair like put it in the curlers shes our age she looked older, and she went to westleeming and was best frends with syra and stuff and knows bec and blah and yeah i sed im frends with lara and sarah adn shes kinda acted weird i dunno loll. i think her name was courtney im not sure. blonde
    neways my hair wasnt wat i wanted at the front.....but wat can u do? start agen? i was alreayd late and by the time i got there i was quite late but oh well i wasnt as late as sarah and alain :P hehe
    there were photos, everyone looked beautiful
    photos eeek i hated that we jsut sat there and didnt know where to look
    then we went into the limo and went to kingspark and saw heaps of groups there and i saw jon and waved and he like completely ignored me and started talkign to jess i was like ok....wat the fuck is up ur ass
    he's soo weird towards me

    simon was really sweet wow i so didnt see that coming.. i loved his corsage it was beautiful but i left it on my bed afteri got home and coco freaking got to it and my parents one is all shit too they dotn last long they're shit. dancing was soo much better than spring fling. i was soo lookign forward to the food and was so not impressed. cake was great loll :D pumpkin soup was pretty good but i hated the chickenthing wateva it was supposed to be. god i wish i had gotten more photos!! which reminds me i havent even went to look at them yet!! i gotta tomoz coz we gotta pay by tuesday!
    i didnt really get many photos....i'll have to do that in spring fling
    but i bet i'll forget agen
    i enjoyed dancing to much

    afters was ok wen i got there i was thinking this is it?! ppl are always goign on about parties and i got there and i saw ppl drinking and i was like wow they look like little children doign adult things. i dunno i just got that thought and i felt so out of place. everyone looked fine with the situation but the guys especially the smaller ones i just thought htey looked hilarious. it was fun but not wat i expected. mostly it was just talking and the twins and their dates playing pool. i wnated to have a go at pool and make myself look like a dufus but yeah.
    i think lara was a bit upset with the twins but i guess thats wat the twins wanted to do and its their decision i guess of how they wanna spend the night. i just wish we couldve been all togther. oh well...they can neva saynethign to us girls about goign off with guys coz thats wat they did :P
    oh well i hope they had fun they looked absolutely stunning~!

    aargh shit my nails hurtign agen

    omg jc looked fantastic her hair wow

    aww allice has thebest bf eva!! if i eva go out witha guy i want one thats funny and easy to talk to like james. he'd be great with the parents lol. he was soo sweet and him and alice are so gawgus togther. at the royal show i thought he was abit of a i dunno i dunno wats the word he like didnt talk wen i first met him but at the ball he was the best i like hung out with them two the most i think

    aargh im hungryyyyy i just saw flight plan with dad everyoen sed it sucked the start was a bit slow but i quite enjoyed it especially around the end. before that i did driving and i did great except wen it came to reverse parking i cant fucking reverse park!!!!!!! aargh. especially in the nissan pulsar. i spend the whole time screaming at my dad coz he wotn listen to me and he's liek turn and i do and we get it wrong stupid head. he's not very good at reverse parking. and then mum wont go driving with me coz she gets freaked out and she hates how she doenst have control like the driver instructors car does.

    ive got like 5 weeks til the startign to freak out. i dotn wanna fail! but if i do its no big drama. i guess. i jsut hope no one gives me shite

    ooh yes dinner time! chicken!! i ate sooo much today for brekkie. i ate (gasp) bacon! i burnt it to a crisp loll it tasted great. ooh everyone hates chris is on soon! yayayyyyyyyyyy
    i like it lol
    and smallville
    go louis! she's like my fav character her and clark hate each other lol
    and then they fall inlove or wateva...awww
    lana is sooo boring!

    but really pretty

    shit i havent done ne history hw or pnl or maths shittttttttttttttttttttttttttt ive been doing chem all weekend coz we have a chem calcs test which is gonna be the hardest test i'll eva do this term. i dunno about the pnl on friday. im kinda freakign out about htat coz i dunno wat to study exactly like wat are they usually like how are they structured? and like nina and lidja told me they fail or just pass them and they're good!!

    i jsut wanna pass every subject but chem i just wanna get ova 45%
    thats my goa;l

    i sincerely apologise that i havent updated in so freaking long! wow it took me ages to want to write but once i startd i couldnt freakign stop! i love u ur the bestest. and so is jc!
    i love everyone even though sometimes i hate everyone
    dw abotu me
    im just fucked up, obviously
    someone needs to freakign tranq me

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