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Sarah (sarahsxlullaby) wrote,
@ 2004-04-17 20:14:00
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    She grabbed her flashlight, a coat and trousers and hurriedly put them on. She then took the key which was hanging from a hook near her bed. And made her way to the door.
    Kaitlyn opened her door and stepped out into the cold night, she felt a sudden chill. It was cold out, cold enough to see her breath, hot and wet in front of her face, misting in the wavering light of the flashlight. She should have put on a thicker jacket.
    She wandered around a bit but found nothing and the humming noise had stopped. She found herself standing in front of James?s cabin; she was so cold she knocked on the door she could do with a bit of company she was going mad left on her own.
    No one answered, and after a minute of knocking Kaitlyn gave up. The humming had started up again but this time she knew where it was coming from. Somewhere in the direction of the forest behind her.
    She was scared but just had to know what it was. It wasn?t as if her dream had started off with ?humming?, in fact she couldn?t remember any humming at all.
    She began walking into the forest and soon she was quite a way from the cabins and ski slopes. She was surrounded by dark shadows and every so often she gasped out in fear, afraid that they were not just shadows but something else, something alive. The humming had got alot louder now and although she was cold and scared she continued.
    Eventually she could see a glowing blue light in the distance it seemed to be humming too, she quietly crept through the lower branches and plants and shuddered as she approached the thing.
    Standing in the middle of a large clearing was a boy. He was holding the amulet that Gabriel had previously dropped and Kaitlyn had found, it was glowing! She looked on curiously but gasped out in relief when she saw it was James.
    Cautiously she moved slowly towards James. He had his back to her so he was for now unaware that she was behind him.
    "How does it work!" Screeched James looking out into the night sky.
    "James?" Kaitlyn said, still confused, and a little frightened by his violent outburst. "James?"
    He turned around swiftly, facing her and screamed again, "How does it work!" His face was flushed and his eyes bloodshot. He was breathing fast as though he had been running and his voice was deeper and more fierce. He looked inhuman the way he was standing there, the now vivacious amulet pulsating still clasped in his tight fist.
    "W..what do you mean James, please your frightening me." Kaitlyn began to cry, she didn?t know what was happening, had James gone mad?
    "You mean?" He broke out into hysterical laughter. "You still don?t know! And you've come out here!" He laughed again and screamed out, "you don?t know what's happening!" James?s madness frightened Kaitlyn, she quickly turned and started to run back the way she had came.
    "Wait!" And upon his words a lightning bolt came down from the black sky above and set a tree near Kaitlyn alight. She screamed and dropped down to the ground her hands covering her ears in an attempt to block out the mad laughter of James that could be heard in the background.
    "Come here!" James screamed this time no longer finding Kaitlyn's crying amusing.
    Kaitlyn cried in vain, trying to show him that she had been frightened enough and now the joke could end.
    "I said come here!" He yelled. This time Kaitlyn obeyed and crawled along the floor whimpering and shuddering, she didn?t look at him directly but crooked her head to face the ground.
    James knelt down and forced Kaitlyn to face him using his hands to grip her jaw. He whispered softly to her as though he were comforting her "Don?t cry, I?m going to tell your story and in the end you?ll understand, and when the time comes, I?ll try and make it as painful as possible."
    He took the amulet in his hand and placed it around his neck. He then took Kaitlyn and tied her to a tree using some rope from his bag. Oh God, thought Kaitlyn, he intended this didn?t he. Right from the start.
    James sat down in front of her and slapped her in the face to get her attention. Scratching her face with the amulet.
    "Many, many hundreds of years ago a woman found this amulet." He held up the amulet and smiled, "She was foolish, she wore it for years until she found its real power," he paused "Do you know what this does, Kaitlyn?"
    Kaitlyn shook her head still looking down to the ground. He continued "Its a key, a key to a place that many of you could only imagine." He looked up from the amulet and noticed that she wasn?t paying full attention he kicked Kaitlyn hard in the side, she whimpered again but didn?t cry.
    "Listen!," He harshly whispered. "Don?t you want to know what the woman did, you should you know, listen to me! After all we?re practically family. I knew your mother very well you know."
    "This amulet is a key, to a gateway, which leads to a greater evil, a place filled with torment and hatred that you could never picture." He grinned a deadly smirk. "Kaitlyn it leads to hell. He laughed and moved in closer. "And all I've got to do is open it."
    Kaitlyn looked up confused and frightened.
    "Her husband was murdered by a bandit, and when the bandit was caught and killed she said that the bandit had deserved what he had got after what he had done to her husband."
    The tree had almost extinguished apart from the last few flames that could be seen around the base and crotch of two branches. The forest was completely silent all that could be heard was the pulsating of the blue stone found in the centre of the amulet.
    "Did you find out what the inscription on the amulet meant?"
    Kaitlyn croaked out a few words, trying to hold back the tears, "Yes, ?speak no ill of the dead?." She still had no idea what was happening but she looked back at the scorched tree and knew that whoever or whatever James was he was very powerful.
    "Very good, and that was exactly what she didn?t do. She thanked the lord for taking the mans life that had murdered her poor husband." He smiled, "It started off with a headache, and soon she couldn?t even recognise her own daughter. Oh I crept in to her slowly making her feel worse and worse for what she had said. Eventually, she was only an empty shell, ready for me to take over."
    "I was this close" indicating with he fingers "to opening the portal." He glared at Kaitlyn. "But he stopped me, Gabriel took the amulet and run. He thought he could hide it from me but it was only a matter of time before I found it, and here I am." He paused, a slight smirk could be seen on his face.
    "The problem is that I can?t remember how to open it again, its been such a long time and my memory isn't what it used to be." he paused and stared Kaitlyn direct in the face as she awkwardly tried to wipe the blood of her face. It was as though a light had lit up in his mind when he looked at her and said "You."
    "The blood! Oh it all makes sense now!" James reached for a knife in his coat pocket and took Kaitlyn by the arm. He made a clean but deep cut in her lower throat and placed the ever present amulet under for the blood to fall.
    Kaitlyn choked and spluttered, she thought that she would loose consciousness but James seemed to be a master, she just lent over the amulet and froze, she stared morbidly at James.
    Immediately the pulsing became louder and the stone turned as black as the night sky. The inscriptions began to glow too and Kaitlyn looked on, horror struck finally realising what was happening. The blood dripped onto the amulet and past through the other side gradually making a hovering pool of blood.
    James began laughing hysterically again and screamed "I've done it! I've done it!"
    Suddenly he stopped screaming and stared into the darkness of the forest. "Gabriel, Gabriel? I know your out there, I found you from miles away in this forest, remember, so don?t think you can deceive me!"
    The pool of blood began slowly rotating, spinning, like a whirl pool.
    "Gabriel! I have Kaitlyn here, she's helping me Gabriel, you?ll never save her now!"
    Unable to move, Kaitlyn looked on in helpless dread as James moved towards her. He no longer looked kind and thoughtful but cold and evil. The look on James?s face was almost as terrifying as the thought of what would happen to her. It went beyond cold, it went beyond hatred, it went beyond inhuman.
    Suddenly a wave of blistering heat passed through her body, Kaitlyn gasped and choked. It felt as if her lungs were going to explode. She clutched at her throat while water streamed from her eyes and sizzled down her cheeks. And just as she started to recover her breath, it came again-turning her blood into molten lava and her heart into a cauldron about to erupt.
    So intense was the effect that, for a time Kaitlyn lost consciousness. She began to sink lower and lower, away from the heat and down in the cold. She knew she was loosing blood and it ran though her, emptying into the pool, she just waited, waited there while her substance ran through her.


    When Kaitlyn came to, the tears were still pouring down her cheeks, she sat up and rubbed her eyes only to find that she was in the snow and Gabriel was cradling her in his arms. She was still bleeding and the pool of swirling blood was as large as a small child now. James was no where to be seen but she could here him he seemed to be trapped beneath the pool.
    "What happened?" She asked faintly.
    "It doesn't matter, listen Kaitlyn I?ve taken care of James for now but he'll be back, you have to listen, I have to explain before all is lost." he whispered softly.
    "Who are you?"
    "My name is Gabriel I used to help your father hunt in these very same woods"
    Kaitlyn looked confused.
    "The story that James told you was true, and the woman, well she was your mother Kaitlyn, your real mother." Gabriel no longer looked as he did before, what she saw before her now was a kind, heartfelt boy who wouldn?t lie to her.
    "I believe you." She choked.
    Gabriel smiled. "Kaitlyn, very soon James will be back, and any beast or demon could come back with him." He paused. "Kaitlyn this is our day of Reckoning!"
    The wind no longer blew though the trees. All animals and insects hushed, for they knew to that the beating of the stone meant danger and slaughter. Kaitlyn stared into Gabriel's eyes and understood at once what must happen.
    "When I took you from your mothers house when you were only a baby I thought I could save you." Tears began to fall from his eyes and he kissed her forehead gently.
    Gabriel took the knife that James had used to cut Kaitlyn before and gave it took Kaitlyn. She took a deep breath and held it, before thrusting it deeply into her heart. The penetrating knife was an effortless feeling to what she had felt before. She closed her eyes and slept.
    The snow fell down and covered the two silhouettes, the trees again howled to the immense black sky there was a peace between the heavens and the earth that even the animals dared not make a sound, the land masked the two body?s and they were forgotten. Finally, the forest could sleep.

    Requiescat in pace
    "Rest in peace"

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