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{h&s} (sarahanna) wrote,
@ 2004-02-09 23:53:00
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    Current mood:loved

    I MISS YOU! :'(
    hey süße.. ^^ i'm sooo~ sorry about falling asleep last night and not waking up again.. -_- i was so tired~ did u watch the end of the grammys?! did anyone that u like win?! :P hehe, i got your cute sms! ^o^ DANKE!! i was so happy when i read it! :D ... but i also felt bad.. cause u were waiting for me but i didn't come.. *embarrassed* i really wanted to wake up again and talk to you until the end of the show! mmm.. u know, i was lying in my bed and hugged my blanket, thinking of you and imagining you were with me.. 그리구 키스도 하고 plopper를 아났어.. 3: *knutsch* ;) and then i fell asleep.. ZzzZ~

    i woke up around 1pm cause the phone was ringing. ARG!! >o< it woke me up and i didn't answer it but covered my ears with my pillow! and it kept ringing like 20 times!! ~grrrr~ *angry* i was even going to unplug it.. i thought it was my father.. ㅋㅋ but it was my sis!! she was trying to reach me cause she forgot her keys (and her cellphone, too) and wanted to ask me to give her mine.. noone was home, so she had to wait outside~ poor girl! :P so i went to the Hbf where she was waiting. i missed the 707 train, so i took the bus and switched to the u-bahn (subway). when i got off, i saw slavica (a highschool friend)!! 'o' i didn't see her for ages and was so surprised to see her! i called her and she turned to me, very surprised and happy to see me.. :) she told me she would call me later.. well, i'm not sure if she will~ she didn't call me all the time. but i don't care cause i have my sarah pie!! :D i'd be sooo HAPPY if she called me.. ^o^ i really miss her sweet voice.. i miss her laugh, her smile, her singing, her tasty mouth (:P yum!), her face, her hair, her hands (that would hold mine and touch or massage me..) her nice body, her smell, her excellent cooking... just EVERYTHING about her!! *sniff* i can't wait to be with her again.. and see her beauty & feel her love <3.. i will be the happiest girl in this world by then!! =D

    now about my shopping tour.. :)
    after meeting maria and giving her the keys, i finally went downtown.. where i haven't been for a long time. i wanted to look for some new clothes; i didn't buy any for ages! so i took the 707 and got out at "Jacobistraße" where the big Kaufhof is (remember, cutie? ^^). i went in (after getting some money from the bank) and got the planner that i sent to my sarahkuchen.. hehe, i got it for cheap cause the year started already~ =) then i went to the mcdonald's across the street cause i was hungry (just had a müsli & some lemon tea at home). i got a happy meal with a cheeseburger & coke, and the shrimps with the coctail dip. oh girl, this stupid bitch that gave me the food forgot to give me the dip.. >_< so i had to go down again and tell her to give me one! puh, she didn't even apologize! *grrrr* what a terrible service~ #@!*~§ i was a lot better when i worked there!! :P (hehe.. "Freundlichkeit hat einen Namen: Frau Park" = "Gentleness has a name: Miss Park" ^^;) the shrimps were good and the burger made me full. i thought of my darling pie and remembered the time we ate at McD. and got a happy meal, too.. or a mcflurry~ she told me that she likes the fries from McD.. i think they're okay - as long as they are hot! u can't eat them anymore when they got cold.. i personally like those thick (and fat) belgish fries the best --> with ketchup, mayo and onions. :P yum! hehe~
    then i walked down the shadowstraße.. to digest all the junkfood. first i went to C&A and looked at some caps. there was one that i liked: beige and with a fish on it. ㅎㅎ i'm thinking about buying it! ^^ i am such a hat&cap fan.. :) at c&a i tried a jacket on that was really cool.. it was 3 in 1: jacket, sweater and hoodie. 8-) but i looked too boyish in it.. hehe~ i remember that my sarah pie thought that i look kind of boyish cause i dress kind of casual. *grin* guess, that's true.. - then i went to some shoe stores.. like tack and deichmann, looking for some cool & chic boots. but there weren't any that i really liked. oh! hehe, i saw a teacher from my school (his name is oliver beermann) at tack!! :P ㅋㅋ i think he recognized me but was not sure.. but i didn't say hi cause i was too "shocked" to see him.. puhaha~ ^^ - in colosseum i finally found a nice sweater that i liked!! it's white with hoodie and zip, made of cotton & nylon. i tried it on (in M) and it fit me perfectly.. 정말 좋드라구~ i wish my darling pie had been with me to comment it!! :'| i'm sure she would like it! i'm gonna take a pic of it and send it to her.. =) it was only 15 euros, reduced from €25!! :D i payed with my ec-card cause i didn't have enough money with me. - when i looked at the time, i realized that it was already half past five!! :-S oh girl, the time passed by so quickly! so i hurried to get the train back home. before i got a fanta (0.5l bottle) cause i was thirsty. it's one of my/our favorite drinks! :P
    i took the 701 and got off at karolingerplatz cause i wanted to get some groceries at kaiser's. i bought a bottle of bluna (limette lemonade), a mueller drink (berry booster), cream cheese and jaegersauce (for the dumplings). it was about €4, what is really okay. mmm.. did i spend too much money today? :-$ well, i think it's okay cause i didn't buy anything for such a long time, and i still have enough money on my bank account. plus, i'm gonna look for a job and work during this coming vacation. yeahee! then i will finally have some more money.. to spend, to save and to support my parents who seem to need it so much~

    then i finally went home (the train just came when i stepped out of the supermarket! yahoo~ perfect timing! ^o^) and immediately turned my laptop on to see if my darling pie was online.. she wasn't first, cause she had to work on her project (wow, she is soo diligent! 'o'). so i decided to write an entry about my day.. and here we go~! ;-) while i was writing, she came online and started talking to me what made me sooo HAPPY!!! :D i didn't expect her to come cause she sent me a message to meet me @4:30pm (chicago time). so i was surprised and froh! yeahee~ =D i told her about my day while i kept typing this entry.. now i'm done! ☺☺

    oh, i wanted to tell you..

    ☺ ..SWEETIE PIE.. ☻

    für immer
    deine hanna ☆estelle★

    p.s.: oh girl~!! :-S i forgot to tell u something really heavy!! 'o' remind me when we are talking, okay!?
    hehe.. are u hungry, cutie? ♨ :P
    today i was listening to "flying without wings" while walking around in downtown.. ☺♡♬♪
    and i was singing it out loudly~! ^o^ ♫♩

    "Everybody's looking for that something
    One thing that makes it all complete
    You'll find it in the strangest places
    Places you never knew it could be

    Some find it in the face of their children
    Some find it in their lover's eyes
    Who can deny the joy it brings
    When you've found that special thing
    You're flying without wings

    Some find it sharing every morning
    Some in their solitary lives
    You'll find it in the words of others
    A simple line can make you laugh
    or cry

    You'll find it in the deepest friendship
    The kind you cherish all your life
    And when you know how much that means
    You've found that special thing
    You're flying without wings

    impossible as it may seem
    You've got to fight for every dream (!)
    Cause who's to know which one you let go
    Would have made you complete

    Well, for me it's waking up beside you (!!)
    To watch the sunrise on your face ☼☺
    To know that I can say I love you (♡!!!♥)
    In any given time or place ☻☆

    It's little things that only I know
    Those are the things that make you mine
    And it's like flying without wings
    Cos you're my special thing
    I'm flying without wings

    And you're the place my life begins (!!☺★!!)
    And you'll be where it ends ☻☆
    I'm flying without wings
    And that's the joy you bring
    I'm flying without wings"

    ♩♫ ~haah~ *sigh* ♬♪

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