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¤SaRa¤ (sara_lynn) wrote,
@ 2004-01-03 04:22:00
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    Current mood:bored
    Current music:99 Red Balloons- Goldfinger

    *what time is it? 4 24
    1.full name: Sara Michelle
    2.nicknames: Diddy, SaRa Jo, Sara Lynn
    3.title: lee? Osceola
    5.state: Indiana.. represent
    6.birthdate: 1/10/89
    7.astrological sign: capricorn PHS
    9.hobbies: too many but not enough
    10.sports that you play/enjoy: listening to music
    11.height: 5'4
    12.weight: 120
    13.shoe size: 5
    14.favorite colors: black,pink, silver
    15.favorite flowers: yellow roses
    16.favorite book: Rats Saw God
    17.favorite school subject: math friends of the same sex: Steph, Jessi, Heidi, friends of the opposite sex: andy, jon, harrison
    20.boyfriend/girlfriend's name: andy
    21.crush: Andy
    22.things you like in the opposite sex: eyes, hair, hands, Shoes.. i have a shoe fetish
    23.when was your first kiss: in 7th grade
    24.are you a virgin: yea..
    25.the most romantic thing anyone has done for you was: mm.. i donno n othing really..
    26.which is more important,personality or looks?: personality
    27.things you like in a best friend: someone i can confide in
    28.person who knows you best is?: andy N* Steph
    29.favorite food: pasta
    30.favorite drink: FRAPS! ((LoL Kreemer))
    31.favorite place to eat out: Friday's.. you hate: beans
    33.weirdest food that you like: if i eat it i dont think its weird, do I?
    34.weirdest/dumbest thing you ever did: um? i dunno i do a lot of weird stuff
    35.favorite movies: SLC Punk, Goonies, A Colckwork Orange
    36.favorite actors: Orly Bloom
    37.favorite actresses: Julia Roberts, Brittany Murphy
    38.favorite quote: "You wont add time to anyones life worrying about it." - Andy
    39.if you were to cuddle up with someone on the couch while watching a movie, who would it be:Andrew
    40.favorite songs: Saddest Girl Story- TSL, Treading Water- Nada Surf, Headphones- Fallout Boy, Getting Into You- Relient K
    41.favorite music groups: TSL, Brand New, SoCo, The Early November, Bright Eyes
    42.favorite music singers: ace enders <3 connor oberst <3
    43.favorite holiday: x-mas
    44.favorite season: summer
    45.what do you want to ge when you grow up: interior designer
    46.biggest fear: being unsuccesful
    47.biggest regret: going out with some of the kids i have, falling in love
    48.thing you hate about your self: my stomach
    49.favorite words: mmhmm, andy, dude, freal, homie
    50.least favorite words: all the words you've said to break my heart place you must visit before you die: australlia you plan on attending college?(if yes, where): yea.. Ball State or Spring Hill
    53.favorite sentimental items: pictures, old letters you write in a journal or diary?: yeah you keep an organizer?: yeah - i'd die without it you believe in love at first sight?: no you believe that every person has one soul mate: YES you believe in god?: yes you believe in everyone (even the beyond helpless)?: I believe everyone has the power to change the things they want.. If they really truly care you believe in having a good education?: yes you believe in horoscopes?: no you believe in yourself?: most of the time you shower daily?: uhYEAH!!
    64.favorite day of the week: SaTuRdaY
    65.favorite ice-cream: Blue Moon
    *what time is it?: 4 57

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