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Fiona (sanjitutu) wrote,
@ 2003-09-08 21:34:00
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    it just doesnt seem fair anymore. People are slipping away like water through my fingertips. Faces hitting pavement at thousands of miles per hour.

    Georgia? why so fucking far? Colorado? I dont fucking know. Everybody is so far.

    Myles is gone. Slipping away. He doesnt care for me like he did anymore. It hurts. I miss him already. Hes moving out. Im so scared. I feel like asking him to come live with me, but my parents would have a cow.
    Why did they kick him out? It was a fucking bad idea. His life went downhill even more. Waldorf was good for him.

    I feel like lately all i want to do is cry. Im all emotional. Everything upsets me, but tears never quite make it to the surface. I feel as though im holding back for the satisfaction of other people. People that will never quite understand my feelings, even if they try. Why do I still love charles? Becasue he still loves me. I feel like this is something serious that I should persue, even though i know the timing isnt quite right.

    My mom made me feel so good when she told me that my dad and her met when she was 19. They didnt really become friends or even start dating until she was 27. 8 years. that made me feel like, i just need to be patient. I know i do. but it seems so perfect, right now. I want it so badly. it hurts.


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