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Fiona (sanjitutu) wrote,
@ 2004-01-03 19:16:00
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    last dance
    my cat got hit by a car. fuck. what the hell is up with that. this is shit. damn it. its been two days and i miss her like crazy. i just want to hold her.

    why does he have to have a girl?? A married one? with a kid. I cant get this boy out of my head, hes always there. i just wanna see him one more time to be able to get over him. It isnt fair. Why do I fall for people I always cant have??

    All i ever do is complain on this thing and i hate doing that.
    On the plus side, Myles is talking to me lots and he is gonna come see me on monday or tuesday. im really excited. i havent seen him since july. And i saw a fucking rad concert with cassi and mischa yesterday. I loved it. He is so cool, with his white frame glasses and acid wash jean jacket. And to make everything better...he poked my boob hole. hahaha.
    i guess life isnt that bad. I want to be kissed again though. For all you who know, there is nothing like kissing a man you know you love, and i miss that most of all. I havent kissed anybody and actually liked it for about a half a year, at least since myles kissed me. it blows. but i think ill live.

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