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Melissa (sandchinchilla) wrote,
@ 2003-09-21 22:08:00
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    Current mood: sore
    Current music:dropkick murphys - wild rover

    First off have you ever been to a concert?: yep yep!

    How many: uhhhh

    How old were you when you went to your first concert?: 7. i was in second grade. im cool.

    When was the last concert you went to: yesterday.

    Who have you seen in concert and where were they playing?: i have went to 2 warped tours where imainly saw less than jake, reel big fish, dropkick murphys, lo-ball, andrew WK, new found glory, mighty mighty bosstones, rancid, among many others, i've seen korn, no doubt (when they were good and played SKA!), deadsy, puddle of mudd, code green (yesterday! wooooo!!!) mushcup, the buzz poets, allman brothers, and here are my ewwwwww! *shiver* concerts that i really dont wana talk about but will anyways cause i went. icp twice abk, 2 live crew twice, christina agulera, destinys child, n*sync, *screams* good charpolette at warped..... even though i was chanting fuck good charolette and flicking them offf.....and backstreet boys i think.... wow.. i have issues... .but i have seen other good bands, but i just forget their nams.. tiny local bands. oh well.. there still good.

    Has a concert you were going to ever been cancelled: nope! :)

    Postponed?: nope :)

    Have you ever had front row seats: i have pushed my way to the front of many!

    Been on stage: yeps!!!!! i sang with lo-ball.

    Been crowd surfing: no. im fat.

    Been in a moshpit: if theres no mosh, then it aint a good show.<--I agree COMPLETELY. <-- me too!

    Passed out at a concert: ALMOST! in the nfg concert at the warped tour 2002.. when they were getting big...

    bought a item of clothing,paper,inc.?: uhhh. probablly if i understood that question.

    Left a concert before it ended: only warped cause the rest of the bands that were playing that day were supposed to suck nuts.

    paid 6 bucks for water: nope.

    10 bucks for beer?: my mommy did!!

    Done drugs at a concert: yeah

    Went to a concert you didn't enjoy: nope!

    Felt pain in the back of your neck after atending a concert: always.. what the fun if youre not sore afterwards.

    Was it from the moshpits?: ...What kind of question is that? Of COURSE it's from the mosh pits! <---i agree!

    Headbanging?: Yeah, that, too. <-- again, i agree.

    -----Would you see?-------
    System of a down?: yeah
    Linkinpark?: nope.
    NIN: yeah
    Manson?: yeah
    Zombie?: shure. why not.
    slipknot?: shure.. why not.
    Metallica?: no. i hate metallica!!! i hate them so bad!!
    AC/DC?: shure!
    Orgy?: yeah
    papa roach?: yeah, if they wouldnt play any songs from love hate tradegdy... cause taht cd blows...
    Disturbed?: shure.
    Dope?: yeah. :)
    britteny spears?: no!!!
    Any thing that has to do with pop or hiphop and rap?: no no no no no!

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