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kaylah michelle (sammyssunshine) wrote,
@ 2004-07-26 00:55:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:a snake show is on in the living room

    today..well yesterday..i am officially legal!
    my birthday was pretty good! sammy took me to the zoo saturday..we had so much fun! got some good pictures i just hope they'll come out good..i got to feed the girraffes!! that was probably my favorite part! i really hope that picture comes out! then this morning mom came in and gave me a ring and matching earings that she picked out just for me..i love them! steph called and sang my birthday song at the ass crack of dawn! lol but it cracks me up! lol we slept quite a bit today and then got up and went to his dad's..he got me the spark perfume set..(very smell goods!) and the candles to go with it..(yummy!!) a kohls gift card, money for dinner at applebees for me and sammy, and he picked out a special ring for me also...i love it very much too!! then he got me the sweetest card ever!! lol i almost cried!!! i love him to death...he is one of the best people i know! we are going to go over and have dinner with him and watch a movie on wednesday! after we left his house we came and dad were fighting a little so we went to walmart..we found his dad the little bobble head dolls for nascar racers..sammy got him the jeff gordon one..his he loved was so cute...something so little can make him so happy...i absolutely adore him! anyway..we took that to him and walked around with him and speedy for a few minutes then went home and mom wasn't gonna make dinner cuz everyone already ate so we went to applebees...very very yummy!

    after dinner we came back home and just kinda hung out for a while..we went up to my room and watched blade 2 while we cuddled the entire time..after the movie we came down here he got a drink and had to go bc he works in the morning. my poor baby has jury selection on tuesday..i really really hope they don't pick him!!

    we are going to his mom's in greencastle on saturday i believe! that should be fun..i really really like her too! i hate that she lives so far away though..i wish i could see her more and i'm not even her kid! i can't imagine how hard it is on sammy..i mean i know how hard but i can't imagine having to do that!

    on a sour note...that christina bitch won't leave sammy alone..she said in an email that i'm the reason he blocked her and she is just gonna keep emailing him from different accounts..she's so fuckin lucky he didn't show me who she was..i'm pretty much over the whole situation though...yeah i'll keep sending shitty emails if she sends them but other than that she can suck my ass!

    well i'm out i guess..there is more i can write about but i'll save it for a boring day!

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