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kaylah michelle (sammyssunshine) wrote,
@ 2004-07-10 15:13:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:sammy playing guitar

    the past 24 hours!
    we went to see sammy's mom...what should have been an hour and a half drive turned into three hours...we got stuff in really bad traffic and road construction...we get there and everything is good we have dinner and watch cold mountain...around 11:30 we are pulling out of the driveway and into the neighbors ditch we go! tell me i didn't almost shit my pants! so sammy forgets he has four wheel drive and backs farther into the yard....he's stuck...he goes to pull out onto the driveway and hits the sewer thing....slices his tire! we're stranded for the night! which is ok i don't mind...i toss and turn all night..i can't sleep..

    we wake up at 9:30 and have pancakes..yum! they start on the truck asap! he finds a spare tire underneath and now he needs a jack...sammy and ron walk down to the tire thing and get a guy to come out...mean while the bitch across the street wants to know what happened to her they get the truck fixed and go over and apologize and all that shit..she was really nice to them

    so off we go! the highway isn't too bad...we notice the truck is over heated when we get to the rest stop...i knew what to do! yay! lol i fixed it!!!

    we get home and mom was pissed cuz it took so long and i didnt' call!!!

    sammy is done pooping! i'm off!

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