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sam (sammygurl) wrote,
@ 2005-09-26 17:38:00
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    i have a cold, not allergies like i originally thought. i found out that my roomate's kids were sick with a cold this weekend and that would explain why i have itchy, watery eyes, and why my nose is stuffy and i'm coughing.

    it's kicking my ass. this afternoon i've been feeling quite tired and unenergetic, and my goddammed nose won't stop running.

    so i'm in my room, stocked up with dvd's and some cold medication. i've changed into my pj's, and i don't plan to surface until i feel a little better.

    i had lunch with gish and L today, and i ate even though i wasn't really hungry. i more or less went for the social interaction. oh, and the coffee.

    work this week won't be so horrid. i work tomorrow night, then thursday night and back on days on sunday. i like it when i have days off in between, rather than all at once.

    it makes it more bareable.

    anyhow, i'm going to go get under the covers and batten down for the night.

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