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_saMaNtHa_ (samkoh103) wrote,
@ 2006-11-27 18:01:00
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    u know what? maybe i AM pissed with u.... u think LA changed me?? wth. go think properly. when im in LA, on msn, all u talk about is DEBBIE.. all i see in ur tagboard is DEBBIE, GIDEON, JEREMIAH, JAYLORD all this. and all i did was to say HI. and then u start blabbering about her. never mind about that.. then... i asked what u wanted to say.. then i asked a few more times, u didn't say u were busy.. RIGHT? and u didn't HAVETO say to me that im very irritating and stuff right?? those stuff really hurt me deep. left a scar i guess. now i feel as if im backstabbing. maybe i should let go............................. let go of all the painful memories........... all the sad moments.................... everything........................ but can i?

    i guess sis, im just jealous of u..... plain jealous........ 1 moment ur hated by everyone, (srry to say that), and i'm ur ONLY true friend including shermaine.. the rest were all lying.. and the next, ur well-liked, even MORE well liked then me. and it all happened only in 2 weeks. less then that. and now everyone is like talking to u.... so nicely.. and now that u've got debbie, i feel that u've forgotten me. somehow deep inside im no longer there.

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