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_saMaNtHa_ (samkoh103) wrote,
@ 2006-06-10 20:25:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:Take it all

    Hello. hmms long time never blog ar..? lol. youth was fun lar.. my godbro bought me one large packet of malteasers. hahaha and yups. zq, you might have bought me one LARGE packet of malteasers, hhah but i'll not say you're THAT nice (as jillyn's blog says) hahah. lol just cause she praised you once and you become bhb. hahahahahhahahaa. ok i'm bored now. lol. no one is online to accompany me to chat except my da jie and gillian. hmm i rebonded my hair on friday!!! FINALLY. wahhaha it's my bday gift from my grandparents. THANK YOU GUYS! HAHA. hmms. VBS starting soon. yay!! this year i din go down to church to help with the decorations much, not like last year. haha. and benson said he is gonna bring me to eat sushi. hahaha. anyone wna come? lol
    well, and schools starting in like 2 weeks. DAMNIT. haha. so fast.. and i am just beginning to enjoy my holidays.

    Hmm today i went to marche with my mum and aunties and sarah rae they all, for lunch. haha sarah, gerard, me and bec were singing the cookie song to rae. For Your info, it goes like,

    " She is a Cookie Cookie Cookie with a chocolate chip brain,
    She has no hands but flexible fingers,
    And she lives in a basket,
    She is a cookie cookie cookie with a chocolate chip brain."

    Lol. and rae wanted to strangle jeremiah`bro when he created it. haahhaa. so funny. Yup. Can't wait for tmr. lol.

    Jesus loves You!!
    God bless,

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