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Your Dark Mistress (samizbitch) wrote,
@ 2004-10-20 17:19:00
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    Current mood: melancholy
    Current music:"the best deseptions" DC

    today was...the most melancholic day i have had in a lond ass time. second hour wasnt so bad when i started talking to Larissa and Spencer ( i love you guys more than you could know esp. you spencer youre the best...even if you didnt get me anything to stop the aching im sure you tried...anyways...)by fourth hour all i wanted to do was sit down at my desk and cry. butt then! i got an idea!!!! i just needed someone whowould be willing to get a piece of broken glass or a jagged piece of steel and slit my throat...aahhhhhh the blood spilling out over the earth...of course id fall in a puddle of my own blood and the last taste id ever remember would be of blood, how much better could you get it??? well...needless to say i never found anyone. john P. did promise me that hed make wonderful marks on my arms with a rust blade if i ever felt the need again...another empty promise im sure. butt i guess theyre not always bad (empty promises) i mean if it werent for a few of them...hell id be six feet under as we speak....or as i type...yeah.

    i hear that song by Dashboard Confessional, i forget the ill go look it up..."The Best Deseptions" butt yeah its stuck in my head and i dont know why.

    i guess i should.

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