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SeaPeanuts (sailorcallisto) wrote,
@ 2005-01-19 15:42:00
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    Current mood: curious
    Current music:Nirvana- In Bloom

    Last day, last time
    Tomorrow is the last day of the second quarter of highschool. Despite my excitement, it hurts inside knowing that come september I won't be able to go there with all my friends anymore. It's not like I won't ever talk to them again, although, some I know I won't, but I won't get to see their faces, laugh with them, joke with them, and everything a common teenager loves to do. Instead, I'll be hurled into the hell they call college with no friends, no safty at all. I want to go, but yet I don't. Oh by the way, I did get into the U of M n.n so I get to stay here with my vince and a few other friends. That makes me happy, which cancels out the sadness I know I'll feel on my last day of highschool. I remember hearing from the old upperclass men all about how time flies and now I can say it to the little ones myself. It is true what they say. You enter an 8th grader and it seems like a month later you're already at graduation. I can't say that I don't have fond memories of school. I will forever be the quiet one that sits in the corner to most students and teachers. I find it's better for people to know very little about me rather than a whole bunch like some other people I know...-cough- anyways, I won't go into that. Now I'm ranting, so I'll let you all go back to your normal, every day lives.

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