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SeaPeanuts (sailorcallisto) wrote,
@ 2004-12-26 00:01:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:Green Day- Blvd. of Broken Dreams

    Finally! AN UPDATE!
    Alright, just got done with Christmas, only New Years to go then it's back to the hell-hole we all know and despise! SCHOOL! barf...Anyways, I guess I got some good stuff this year. A new sweat shirt, some Vids and some other schtuff. ^___^ I'm happy. -sighs and falls on her bed- I feel so happy lately n.n Vince makes me uber happy all the time. No family fueds (well, except my mom's cousin Sue might be getting a divorce, but seriously, no one cares in my family lol) All the animals are fine. My pup is sleeping on my bed and doing nothing but making a mess of my covers ~_~ -fist shake- oh well, what can you do? Hopefully I'll get to see Vince tomorrow x.x I haven't seen him in a couple days being the holidays and all. -sighs- unfortunatly, my mom has this next week off so she'll torment me all week lol. -writes a note to remind herself to do laundry tomorrow- We lost our water the day before christmas eve, btu it's back now. lol I had to shower at Vince's house that day x.x I think his pillow permanently smells like my shampoo. cause that stuff just smells like, all the time. It never stops. Oh well, it's alright lol I'm sure he enjoys it XD. I'll have to try and update here more often! Now I have lots more things to report! Trust me, if I get accepted to college, expect a huge lettered notice lol. That's the only piece of the puzzle I'm missing in my life right now. If I got accepted to college, I would seriously jump through the roof. That would mean I could stay here with my family and my dear sweet Vince! And of coarse, some of my friends! Ahhh!!! SOOO happy! -hugs her pillows- I'm going to sleep now. Night everybody!!! ^_______________________^

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