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Manda (sailor_sky) wrote,
@ 2003-12-10 20:02:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:"powerless" nelly furtado

    I LOVE GUYS!!!
    WOOHOO!!! i now have crushes on 5, thats right 5 (!) guys. at the same time. oh yeah....and a couple of them like me back, which makes it even better. who are these guys, you ask? well alphabetically....they are: dustin, jeremy, joe, matt, tom. dustin likes me back. Jeremy maybe. Joe and matt i have Nooooo ideas. and tom. well....he likes my sister. dammit. oh well....they're realy cute together so i forgive them both, lol. Winter Formal was on saturday and it was really super fun. i went with tiff, tom, conor and evan (who were my dates) and we got pics and it was jsut really cool. evan is a flaming homosexual, tom is a sexy hermaphrodite, and conor is ..well.. harry potter, lol. but the pics that tiff got are awesome. tom is hot, tiff is gorgeous, and conor looks very cute. so a bunch of us are going to see zoolights on friday. bryce ...tom ...tiff ...conor ...aaron ...joe ...brandon ...amber ...evan can't go cause he's a BUTTHEAD!! and tom and bryce are gonna make daniel come...muuuaaaahhhaaaahhhaaaaa!!!!! so yeah, it'll be fun...tom is a hot dumb blond. mmm hmmm. and i used to be a dumb blonde, but i dyed my hair brown to escape the monotony (as a blonde i wouldn't have known that word, hehehe)...according to tom i'm a traitor, but ya know what....EFFFF YOU! HHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!! ok. well thats all i have to say for now. i will report more later. currently, btw,. i am exploring my options as a newly single woman, and i had a date with dustin, and i hope to get to know joe better if he comes to la la.....ok, i 'm really gonna go now. buh bye
    ~love ya'all

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