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Nikki (sail_away) wrote,
@ 2004-02-16 17:59:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:Sublime

    I like the wayyyy you move me
    I packed like my life depended on it today. Fun. Not. My mom was in the city so she woke me up before she left at like 8:15. I could have died, I was so tired. I waited a half-hour for her to leave so I could go to sleep. But then I got a rush of energy and couldn't. I watched a little tv and then I passed out. My eyes were all swollen this morning from watching a Walk To Remember last night. I cried so hard. That movie is so sad. I love not getting dressed until ike 4 o'clock in the afternoon. <3. Haha. I took out the guitar and my yamaha first year book and tried to 'jam'. Pssshhh. I cleaned a little and then I packed. A lot. I'm only going for 6 days but I packed for a freckin year I think. I never know what to bring, so I bring everything. My sister picked me up the Surf Girl mag. Went through that. I love magazine days. All and all today was not that bad. Surprisingly.

    Love life. Hmmm. Nothing so exciting. Unfortuneately there isn't much too it at the moment.

    Well, im standing in the crowd
    when you smile i check you out
    but you don't even know my name
    you're too busy playing games
    I want you to know
    if you lose your way i won't let you go
    if i cut my hair, if i change my clothes will you notice me
    if i bite my lip, if i say hello will you notice me
    what's its gonna take for you to see
    i want you to notice me

    Well maybe I'll update again later. I'm sure to update in Vermont.


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