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Kristin (sad_fase_911) wrote,
@ 2004-02-16 19:33:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:korn-daddy

    yesterday and today.
    well, yesterday morning momma and sam got into an arguement and she just went off and left didnt tell anyone where she was going and didnt take her cell phone she was gone for 2 hours before she came home i think she went to the cemetary im not sure. anyways then i went to robbies and we went walking and riding four wheelers. i got to jump rope a hoodie and lay in the middle of the road for no reason at all. anyways then.... hmm... i do not remember what else i did i was going to write more but i forgot what it was about. then today i went to robbie's house and hung out. we went walking and after he let me sit in the house for 2 hours he tells me when we're walking about something his dad knows about i was like WTH i felt like really i dunno like crying but ya know w/e i dunno. anyways i got home and haven't really done much i guess i took a 2 hour bath today lol im extrememly clean i suppose i didnt realize i took that long of one. anyways... i guess im doing okay i dont really know what to talk about cause there's some stuff in my life going on right now i dont want the whole world to read which i know alotta ppl who read this and it's really stuff i want to keep to myself. anyways lol robbie was laffin at me tonight cause i drew clothes and taped them over these girls he had on his wall's. i was being serious i dont know what he found funny but i dunno anyways. im going to go talk to ppl now i suppose. bye

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