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Sabrina (sabrinarini) wrote,
@ 2003-10-14 17:27:00
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    hey im really bored, cuz i left my fifth harry potter book at school, so im kinda ticked, but since im writin in my journal thing i guess im no that bored, yes i do like harry potter even tho im sweet 16, and don't hate me cuz i think Rupert Grint is a really hottie!!!<3 so please shut up. Ok today was ok, i got freekin math hmwk which really sucks. and o yeah my friend Lizzie is mad at me because she think i stole something of her when i didn't whut a whore. (and she is) we got this nerdy exchange student, from italy, notta hotta. i called Sam 2day and talked to her 4 bout a min, cuz she had 2 go out wit her boyfriend, and i called fuzzy but his fone wuz busy, prolly cuz stupid agent people, and it's annoyin when the agent yell at ur face when ur tryin 2 talk 2 ur own cuzin!!!!! im just like dude shut da hell up! cuz that did happen at the lotr premire party! fuzzy's agent is really stupid, and then i called Kate, and we chatted a lil until she had to go, i don't kno where, but she had ta go, and i said, want me to tell orli ya luv him? she lafed and we hung up, and well that was pretty myuch my day, and i can't wit 4 my b-day! well holla out!

    Rock On


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