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Richard (sabre3999) wrote,
@ 2005-01-02 03:18:00
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    Current mood: rejuvenated
    Current music:Nothing, Sound Isn't Working (DAMNIT x2!!)

    A Fine Night Out
    Well, I learned from last night. No more turning down Ray when he says for me to come do something fun. I'd have to say that tonight was one of my best nights in a long time. I had fun, didn't have to see a g/f hang off my best friend all night, didn't argue over what game to play or what movie to watch (actually a movie arguement DID take place.... too bad choice #8 won... :-P) AND... blowing shit up is fun as hell, even if i'm not too drunk to remember it.

    Here's the breakdown...
    1. Applebee's - First time I've ever payed for a steak. BUT, man, lemme tell ya, it don't taste nearly as good as a free one. Still yummy though, and dinner was full of laughs. Talked about Ray's birthday party, and the New Year's Eve party that I missed out on (DAMNIT!!). Also got to experience Liz's fine driving (1. Liz is Ray's sister. 2. She says her driving is scary... guess she's never been with someone when they're getting sideways...)

    2. Fireworks (Part 1) - More of Liz's mad driving skillz. Stop by a stand, spent $7 on fireworks. Artillery shells, roman candles, and 2 packs of bottle rockets were the highlights. The best were the Artillery Shells. Fireworks was fun, till some stupid-ass people called the cops. Had to leave or get a ticket... smarter choice was apparent. Quick observation: ALWAYS RTFM ON FIREWORKS WHEN YOU'VE NEVER PLAYED WITH EXPLOSIVES BEFORE... I should be dead by now, I shot off 3 Artillery Shells before putting them in their tubes... oops :-D

    3. Fireworks (Part 2) - Went to one of their friend's places, and finished off the fireworks. One more conclusion: cheap roman candles suck ballz, so do little itty-bitty M60's. Bottle Rockets are fun, however... even the cheap ones. Also, mud and fireworks are not a pleasant mix. All of our shoes were covered by the time we were through. It was all worth it, though... except for those DAMN ROMAN CANDLES!!!

    4. Movie: Darkness - The movie experience was ok. Sat in theatre, made 2 comments before it started. Watched about 5-10 minutes of black screen while the projector boy decided to stop whacking off and start the movie previews. At the end of the previews, I remember saying to myslef "DAMNIT, WHERE'S MY DAMN STAR WARS EPISODE 3 TRAILER!?!?!" My synopsis on the movie: Good plot twists, but not enough of them to keep the movie interesting and exciting. The movie to see was a toss-up between a comedy and horor/suspense film. In the end, the moviefone number (8) was what was randomly picked. Liz really seemed like she wasnted to see the movie. Too bad she slept through the last hour. I was probably the only person (yeah right) who stayed awake through the entire thing. For a suspense/horror flick, it sure was slow and dull. "OOOHHHH, THE DARKNESS IS COMING!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!" Ugh, what a shitty movie. Never have a toss-up that depends on the moviefone number again.

    5. The Drive Home - Well, with the night coming to a quick end, we took Christian back to his car (which was left about 40 minutes away from the theatre) with relative human silence. The same old music from the radio permeated the air. After dropping him off, it was time to take me home. And off we went. Again with the human silence and permeation of the more common music.

    Well, out of all the bitching i've done lately, I can say that Ray has been the only friend to take me out and show me a good time. I know of another friend that would have done the same, but he won't be in till tomorrow... SORRY NEIL!!! Anyways, like I said. Through all my bitching about shitty music (you'd have to have been there to get this joke...) , boring movies, and lousy roman candles... I had a lot of fun. When I got out of Liz's car at my sidewalk, my exact words were "Thanks for the ride, and thanks for a great night. I really enjoyed it." Unfortunately for me, I don't think that those words quite sum it up. Saying thanks, like saying "I Told You So", just don't quite cut it. I was having a shitty day, my dad didn't come. I was having a shitty start to a new year. Ray, his little sis Liz, and his friend Christian solved that problem. I was down and depressed just 8 hours ago. With a dinner, a movie, and explosives, i'm cured. Words can't express what I feel at this. A simple "thank you" is not sufficient. But, alas, it will have to do. I hope that all three of them see this eventually. They deserve all the thanks that I can give tonight.

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