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Richard (sabre3999) wrote,
@ 2004-12-02 19:30:00
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    Current mood:Use your imagination...
    Current music:Nothing, absolutely nothing.

    1-Way Relationship
    Heh... just when you thought it was safe to leave your room. Exams are this week. I have a job that just got very difficult in more ways than one. I have, starting next week, NO TIME for ANY recreational activity. This sucks. Further, tonight I had to play daddy again. My little bro Phil went to a basketball game tonight. He called home, and said he would be out by 6:45. Well, then... OK! Here it is, 7:15, and i'm sitting in my LOUD ASS, LIT-UP-LIKE-A-XMAS-TREE car. I decide I've waited long enough, and maybe he's not coming out of the front enterance of the school. I start going around to the side, and VOILA, there he is at the corner, sporting a new bike! His explanation: "Well, I DID get out at 6:45. I waited for a friend and talked to her for a minute or two, then I went outside at about 7:00. I didn't see you (although my car looked like the house from Christmas Vacation) so I decided to go home on my own (even though i'm walking in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION with my FRIENDS I was talking about). Guess what? I GOT PISSED! That's right, I blew a head gasket. The motor was running, but noone was home. My words: "...go home...". The punctuation should suffice to say that I was growling in a near guttural tone of voice. That's how you can tell if i'm really pissed.... when you barely hear me. I raced home (racing makes me vent frustration), only to take flak for not returning with my venerable younger brother. Well, you shouldn't dish flak if you can't take it. I believe I gave it back in a quintuple dose, because the grandparents were visibly shaken, obviously so mad they couldn't speak. I then proceeded to return to my small, peaceful corner of the universe, where I slammed down on my bed and cried. That's right, CRIED. If you can't cry, then you're not a real man. I'm not going to go off saying my life sucks or anything like that. There's already too much of that on the internet. Instead, here's what i'm going to do about my bad day. I'm going to start up my gamecube, and take out some unbridled aggression on someone in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Then, I'm going to take my history exam tomorrow. THEN, I'm going to wait until next friday, when I go golfing with Ray and Chuck. Hehe, then I'm going to pretend that ball is the head that matches my hardship. I'm gonna smack that ball so hard with my crappy clubs that it's gonna fly 500 ft.

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