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missy (sabotaged) wrote,
@ 2002-11-20 02:44:00
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    i moved here because my other journals are full of old shit that I don't care to reflect upon anytime soon.

    so here i go.

    on friday and saturday i was with seth. saturday night, him, torey, torey's sis, his sis' friend, stephani and i went to UTC [university towne centre] to go ice skating and whatnot. but when seth and i were getting dropped off at toreys, it was dark and i accidentally slammed his thumb in the door. ;x his thumb is so fucked up. i feel horrible. yeah. heh, there's a store at UTCcalled 'LoveSac- the alternative to lame furniture.' weird, especially seeing that in the part of town it was in. anyway seth and i decided not to skate, we hung out around the mall and the food court, took pics, joked and had a good time. it was great. we just laugh so much... it's like we complete each other. i remembered that my first date EVER in my life was at that same place. UTC ice hockey, with spike. weird. but i enjoyed it so much with seth.
    yesterday was a planning day, nothing special. i got my _Game Over_ book back from brandon though, huzzah, i gotta read it. and uh, i got compliments on my chest. from devon and meagan. lol :::long story::: we started our research papers in there; im doing three of them, i believe. too much i gotta argue for/against.

    today i missed 2nd period again. oops. at least it's excused this time. -- anyway, got to 3d design, showed crystal the cute pic of me and seth. and we talked about buddy's lack of... well, okay. i wont share. but yeah, we drew pictures of guys with boners all period. Lol. i need a scanner! dag graphic design i talked to joe and tony, tony finally did his stand-up act at a club somewhere downtown. props to him. in gov't devon gave me lots of compliments. :) cuz we were all talking about makeup and such, and hes like 'look at her, she like doesnt wear any makeup and shes super-hot!' i was like, awe.


    AND... meagan and i got into the library and sat with this other chick [meagan's friend; im cool with her though]. and meagan's doing her paper on pro- gay marriages, right? so meagan and i were arguing all period in favor of them to this orthodox-catholic girl. it bugged me a bit, she wasnt open at all. she said shed be nice to gays, but she doesnt agree with it. etc etc blah blah. it went deeper than that, though. meagan and i won though. fuck yes.

    meagan: "devon thinks Im a lesbian."
    me: "why?"
    her: "well uhm.. anyway.. blahasd wsredwa wsred ..."


    and ive got to say: i think i believe in karma now. this revelation started when i was leaving school at 12:#0 and i asked the skinheards if they had any cigs, but NONE of them had one. yeah. tough shit, warren said he was lookin for a quarter to buy a couple off the mexicans, soooo i gave him 50 cents, lol, and headed on my way. anyway, as i was walking down the cul-de-sac i see three people drive by and jeremy sticks his head out the window and yells "WAIT UP!" so i stopped, they dropped someone off, and he picked me up. it was him and alexis. yknow, alexis that's all German-ed out. Lol. jeremy's the best though; i love that kid. what a cute boy. they ended up smoking me out with chronic and gave me a couple cigs and 6 coricidin. god damn i had a nice afternoon. first time Ive done that in awhile.

    but yes, karma catches up to you. im going to continue being nice, see where it gets me.

    at 4:00 pm i went over to seth's. we just played Vice City and watched TV and snuggled. :> i enjoyed it. i havd to leave at 8 though :( sucked. i miss him already. hopefully we'll get together tomorrow.

    I had a lot more to write about but fuck, i forget. ohwell.

    sappy boyfriend luvvi-ness of the day:

    seth [9:23 PM]: u need to wear her down
    White snow angel [9:24 PM]: maybe i can taint her food supply with sleep inducers
    White snow angel [9:24 PM]: and just knock her out for a couple of days
    seth [9:24 PM]: that can be arranged
    White snow angel [9:24 PM]: yay!
    seth [9:25 PM]: how come in ur letters u think that im going to break up with u for some other girl
    White snow angel [9:26 PM]: because im insecure and think you can do better, or find someone more attractive
    White snow angel [9:27 PM]: i havent been in a real relationship in awhile, if ever.
    seth [9:27 PM]: what do u meen better and more attractive
    White snow angel [9:27 PM]: just, i dont know, i feel like im not worth having you.
    seth [9:29 PM]: you are the best thing that has ever happened to me
    seth[9:29 PM]: i would nt leave u for the world

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