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ShimmErz (s3x0r_g0dd3ss) wrote,
@ 2003-03-30 22:12:00
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    Current mood: hyper

    meow. first update. o_O
    well. i really hate pigs even more then before.
    the first one that came wouldnt let me through my own fucking door, and then when he finally let go he slammed it on my fucking sprained ankle.. purposely. roar. fucking asshole.
    he looked gay too, i swear..
    he bitched at me cuz i said that. ehh. w/e. he can go fuck himself.
    Heather is not moving in with me b/c of her dad.
    i hate him, and i will kill him. im happy her brother was home to help..
    thats all i have to say on that subject.
    i hate my father,
    hes such a dick.
    i have until my birthday to "smarten up" or i'm getting put BACK on fucking probation.
    not to mention he wants me on house arrest.
    and since i got in trouble with the cops i just might get put on it.
    sometimes i wish everyone would just die.
    i've spent forever with Angel,
    once again.
    Tasha wanted to kick tiff'z ass.. so we went to Josh's, cuz tiff'z mom said she was there..
    but she wasn't, she had already left.
    so we all just sat around and smoked.
    the most fun i had that night..
    thats pretty sad.. but true.
    We all walked in the pouring rain, got splashed by cars, played in puddles.. and ruined our ciggz, just to go to Josh's..
    it was nice seeing him though. lol.
    ne ways..
    We all walked Tasha back home with all her friends after,
    and then me and Angel kicked it back at her place.
    I'm like grounded from everything,
    but do i give a fuck? NOPE.

    Sorry Amy for not chillaxin with you this weekend. Maybe later?

    And hrm... Josh, you should talk to Rug about Heather.. kuz she doesnt think its gunna last kuz she dont think he likes her all that much kuz i guess he never wants to talk to her? ehh. i dont know.. just talk to him. [[wow. i said kuz alot.. lol.]]
    I'm skipping school tomorrow.. who's kewl? ME.
    haha. jk.
    but since im skipping.. or if i do, maybe.. im not going out this friday//weekend. lol.
    w/e. i dont give a fuck anymore.. about ANYTHING.
    no reason to.

    Well.. Last nyte was fucked up. Royally fucking JEWiiiiSH.
    I swear.
    Jose stops by Angel's, and we're all just play fighting.. horsing around.
    And this boy ANGEL calls, so of course Angel's all.. "yay" and talks to him.. ignoring me.
    So Jose jumps on me and holds me down,
    he starts tryin to pull my pants off.. and goin up my damn shirt. tryin to kiss me.. and like grabbin me everywhere, biting me and shit.. licking me.
    and i'm just swinging at him, punching him.. smacking him.. biting him, kuz this nigger was fucking madd tuff.. [[hes puerto rican.. of course we're tuff, lol.]], ne wayz.. Angel finally loox over and helped me..
    she didnt do much,
    but it got him offa me,
    so i attacked him.. and hurt him wicked bad.. so he starts swinging full force and yellin in spanish,
    so yeh..
    we're yellin back in spanish,
    and the nigger gets "scurred" and bounces.
    he's lucky he was holdin me down so i couldnt reach Angel's knife,
    i wouldda killed him.
    So that was fucked up.. but w/e.
    Angel's boy toy ANGEL kept sayin shit about me..sayin he wanted to ride me, and get me wet and blahblah.
    Angel got jealous.. it was funny. [[<3ya angel]].
    But yeh... ne wayz.
    She kept tellin me i looked like a damn porn star.
    i get that alot lately..
    fuck off.
    i wouldnt have looked like one,
    but she poured water on Jose when i was under him,
    so i got soaked,
    so i had to fucking fight with just a black tube top on and tyte army pants, lmao.
    no bra.. and like this see-thru thong.
    so it wasn't too great. but thats life.
    not like anyone gives a shit.
    spent Saturday [[earlier part]] with Tatiana and serenity [[and ANGEL too]]..
    we walked all over Nashua..
    it was fun. i guess. lol.
    We went to Budda's [[??]].. iono. sum blaq dude.
    he's great. lol.
    Well, we originally went to that faggot Rug's.. to get Angel's shirt, but he wasn't home..
    and we saw Budda after that.. so yehhhhh.
    Then we saw Cassie N., who kicked Tati's ass. OVER CIGGz.. how fucking gay.
    And Tati wouldn't hit her b/c she said she was pregnant..
    but she's pulled that story too many times.
    [[And we found out later that day she wasn't pregnant, AND she's got fucking AIDs.., so everyone wants to jump her. haha]]
    Anna C. was gunna kick her ass but wouldn't cuzza the pregnancy thing,
    but now that she's gunna find out..
    theres gunna be this huge ass fyte. its great.
    i <3 my friends. haha.
    and even after Cassie jumped Tati I didn't have like a serious problem with her,
    'cause she was my friend..
    but then she lied to me and told me she was pregnant,
    when supposively im her "gurl"? thats just fucked up.
    like EVERYTHING else goin on right now.
    We [[tati, serenity, me, and angel]] stopped by Sarah's house.. [[Angel's cuzin]].
    Then went to Wendy's.
    Met 2 new people.. [[shhh. i met them earlier kuz they were with Cassie..but i didnt really talk to them until layda.]]
    They're my #1 and #2 friends, but.. i forgot their names.
    oops. lol. ah well.
    #2 is crazy..shes kewl. #1 is quiet.. eep. o_O
    Later we ran into Dan, and Tasha and all her friends.
    Then Tati, Dan, #2, and #1 left..
    So we all went to Angel's and fucked around..
    loud music, crazy chix, porn pix [[lol]], actin like we're high.. it was great..
    and thus, that is when we decided to take that walk to Tasha's..

    today was uneventful. woke up 'round 2? watched 8 mile.
    angel took a shower..
    and i watched a spongebob movie. WHEE.
    then i took a shower..
    by then it was 5.
    and i hadda bounce at like 5:20..
    so we sat at the table and ate crackerz.

    Came home.. Heather came by, and thats how the begging of this entry started.

    ttyl. and stuff? iono. blah. im gunna go DIE. haha, i wish.

    <3 -GoDdE┬ž-

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