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Mikey (rytes) wrote,
@ 2003-09-01 22:38:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:finch--what it is to burn

    holy shit balls of fire!
    its been so incredibly long since i have updated. geez... ... ... nothing to interesting has happened. me and that cheryl girl never "hooked up" (i think thats what kids call it these days). she made it pretty clear that she doesn't date or well make any move to further our getting together. makes me kinda mad. but i guess its for the best... ...we hung out a couple times after that. but nothing big. just kinda chilled. we talk still, bisexual encounters i think was our best conversation. she i guess learned that im not as uptight and straight edge as she had thought, and i learned that we could NEVER be togther. isn't that weird how that kind of stuff works out?? you get to know a person too well and then could never even think about dating them... ... ...ok, well i guess its rather sad.

    so yeah, im still in the single circle. its quite hellish if you ask me. im not asking for much all i really want is someone that i can tell absolutley EVERYTHING to... and well be able to hold them... seems to me that my friends think its kinda fairy-tailish. but i really don't care.

    lets see... ...what else has happend since the last time i posted. hmmm.... ... .. . . . . . .. ... ....i graduated, which is always good, no more prison-like schooling for me. and i really would like to learn, its just i have no money, and no lisence. so i can't really pay for college, let alone get there.

    i did go to a concert. i got to see cold and evanescence.. they fluffin' rule. i got soo thrashed in the pit though. oh so soar... ...but its a good soar. hah. i also bought some clothes, OH I FINALLY GOT MY TATTOO!!!!!! its so neat and cool, but it hurt like hell, im goin back for more, thats all there is to it. yeah, its my own design, so im pretty sure no one else has the same thing. and its on my calf cause im all scrawny, but my legs aren't. kinda muscular. growl...heh. with walking everywhere i go and all that jazz. i wanna get a lotus on my back or maybe matching stars on my inner-calves (calfs??)<--that is right, right?? who knows

    well i think that is all that has happend in the fluffed up world of mike-e. later-days

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