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ryanfitz1604 (ryanfitz1604) wrote,
@ 2003-06-02 00:03:00
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    Current mood: thankful
    Current music:12 stones- back up

    this weekend
    thursday: went home with a couple dormates and hung out... didn't do much thursday night. we watched harry potter!! yay. haha. then we all went to sleep since on friday we had to go out to the pala indian reservatinon to do some field research for our soc. 65 (american indian/white relations)... it was really depressing. we got up at 9 and ate and then drove out there... which was fun.. nick and alex are cool fools.. haha. but yah we first go to the cultural center and take a walk around and then go look at the old mission and all that. we listend to a few depressing stories and then we went to the casino and got the run-around.. they thought we were doing some expose (sp?) on the casino and yah.. we didn't have any bad intentinos but spent over 2 hrs doing nothing. so lame....

    anyways, friday night we ate dinner with my parents and then drove back up to irvine... we chilled for awhile and then went to a pajama party. the girls were dressed yah.... haha. it was sort of lame since it was a sausage fest but i guess there were more girls coming so we decided to go to a hooka bar in lake forrest... it was so chill. first we got peach was pretty decent.. it didn't hit strong but lasted for awhile compared to fumaries in san diego.. then that ran out and we got mint which was so awesome.. hit a lil harder and was stronger and last forever... so relaxing. then we went back to the party.. more girls... very nice. there was this chick fight... omg so crazy.....

    saturday: chilled, ate, went to formal... which was fun. everyone was so drunk but carey and i didn't drink at all and that was sort of cool to have a fun time and not drink. it was at the hilton waterfront in huntington beach and it was so beautiful.. dinner was good and the pinning ceremony was awesome too.. the girls started crying when their boyfriends pinned them.. so cute.. i hope i can do it one day...

    today: slept in, ate, chilled with the dormies, went to church, then to lifeteen and spoke and taught and then to a bon fire... i love my dormates.. we all have so much fun and since the year is almost over we were telling our favorite stories that happened over the year... it was so fun. but yah.. time to get readign for finals.. peace

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