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ryanfitz1604 (ryanfitz1604) wrote,
@ 2003-05-19 11:40:00
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    i don
    1) Last cigarette: never
    2) Last car ride: um last night
    3) Last kiss: um about a month ago, britt.
    4) Last good cry: not too long ago
    5) Last Library Book Checked Out: beats me.. a course reserve book for soc. 65
    6) Last movie seen: matrix II and x-men II
    7) Last Book Read: The Bible
    8) Last cuss word uttered: Damn
    9) Last beverage drank: water
    10) Last Food consumed: In-n-out
    11) Last Crush: ........
    12) Last phone call: my mom
    13) Last TV show watched: family guy
    14) Last Item Bought: bacardi silver 0'
    15) Last time showered: last night
    16) Last shoes worn: dvs
    17) Last CD played: 12 stones
    18) Last downloaded: john mayer secret song
    19) Last annoyance: a couple..
    20) Last disappointment: not being able to hang out with people when i go home cuz of their dumb parents
    21) Last soda drank: pepsi
    22) Last thing written: what i need to study for anthro and a Bible verse
    23) Last key used: one to open my room or delete key.. haha
    24) Last word spoken: nerd
    25) Last trip to the bathroom: last night
    26) Last sleep: half hour ago
    27) Last IM: cindy
    30) Last weird encounter:3 kids riding skatboards wearing a cow, marine, and cheerleader costume.. for no reason.....
    32) Last ice cream eaten: 1 minute ago.. cokies n cream
    34) Last time wanting to die: now because of my sunburn!!
    35) Last time in love: never been except for the love that i have for all my family and friends
    36) Last time hugged: a few minutes ago
    37) Last time scolded: can't remember
    38) Last time resentful: now.. should have gone to the dmv sooner
    39) Last chair sat in: the one i am in right now
    43) Last shirt worn: shirtless nwo but had a siemens colored shirt on
    44) Last class attended: um... soc 1.
    45) Last Final taken: last quarter.. don't remember that too much
    46) Last time dancing: it has been awhile.. will be doing a lot of it soon.. slg party
    47) Last poster looked at: dave's brittney spears poster
    48) Last show attended: tiger army
    49) Last webpage visited: :P

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