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ryanfitz1604 (ryanfitz1604) wrote,
@ 2003-05-18 23:46:00
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    Current mood: energetic
    Current music:12 stones, in my head

    this weekend:

    friday night: i worked from 4:30-9:30 in costa mesa @ some community center thing. it was so awesome. like it was this formal father-daughter girl scout dance thing and was so awesome. like it was so much fun cuz the girls didn't care about anything. plus they were just cute running around everywhere. i cannot wait til i am 27 and married and have my own kids running around. God willing i'll have 2 boys and 1 girl.
    after work i came back here and we decided that we were going to throw a little party in the dorms... nothing big just a few people (we had also done this the night before). so we go to "the store" and get "the supplies" and just chill. nothing is better than just hanging out and fooling around with friends. the only thing is i had to leave at 2 for palm springs so that was sort of lame but oh well.

    saturday: drove to palm springs with jay and asif and got there around 4:15ish. i thought all the guys would be sleeping but they were all up. oh, this was a retreat with my fraternity (sig ep!). we had 50 guys in a 5 bedroom house so it was a little tite but it all worked well. the only two things that sucked were (1) the sunburn i have and (2) the 6 hours of sleep total i got (which were spent on a table). other than that it was such an awesome experience and break from normal irvine life. saturday day we just chilled in the pool playing water polo (with a football) and watching movies and eating and chillin... it was awesome... that night we got a lot accomplished and so the exec. decided that we could throw a lil party and yah.. that was way awesome.. best game/funniest game of kings ever. it didn't matter if girls weren't there... we had so much fun. sometimes girls just make everything more complicated.... blah. but they do have their perks and it sucks not having that intimate relationship with someone... someday. no worries.

    sunday: woke up and cleaned the house and then drove back to irvine, slept for 3 hours til churh (woke up 4 times because of idiot dormates) and then took a cold shower (because of the sunburn) and went to church... i love olqa (our lady queen of angels).. it is so beautiful and the people there are way cool. i am a core member/youth leader for lifeteen which is awesome. last night after church we all just played softball and that was way fun. the best thing about there is that the kids (despite the fact that they are so diverse) come together under God and get along so well... sort of like the dorms and my fraternity. we all are so diverse but we coexist and have the bestest times. it is way coolio. :P. after that we all went to in-n-out and then back to the dorms for me and just chilled til bed at 2.. had a good talk with dave about "stuff" and that is always good.

    prom: well i am going to my high school prom with my awesome friend jessica norton. it should be way fun.. we are going to peohes and coronado island and taking the ferry over there... which will be coolio. the dance is at the hyatt san diego and is an awesome place. that is where it was last year also.. which was also way fun (taylor!) too bad i didn't win but at least carey did (prom court).

    fraternity formal: yet another dance with my best friend girl carey... we have gone to what.. 4 dances together and so i know this will be awesome. it is being held at the mariott waterfront in hunington beach (i think). which is so beautiful. that'll be way fun too.

    one more midterm this week: stinky cheese!!!! i can't wait for this year to be over so i can go home. blah to school.

    well it is shower time and then off to the dmv to get a new license since my wallet was stolen.... :(. byeee

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