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Falk0un (rvnvariety) wrote,
@ 2004-01-14 18:11:00
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    I can't believe this. My beautiful, long journal entry just went to cold, hard, waste.

    FUCK YOU BLURTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's interesting because in my entry I mentioned how I needed to get another journal because of Blurty's defectiveness and there you go, it screws up my entry and decides to not update it, therefore deleting it.
    I also posted the question about how if anyone out there who has an online journal could teach me how to fix the amount of entries that are posted on a page. Because it's the same for all journals seeing that they follow the same protocol. I also begged for a journal code somewhere else seeing that I'm so unhappy here in Blurty land. HAHAHA.

    Then I spoke about how the world has turned upside down because I've been home the past 2 days. Then called myself a loser for always being online in the morning and into the early afternoon. Then I talked about how it's actually been nice to stay home for a change seeing that my sister isn't home, the living room has been nicely decorated, my parents are off my back, and I've been watching t.v. with Jasmine on my lap while eating crackers. How's that for you?

    You know... some of you have pointed this out, and it's very true. I ignore Jasper (my other cat, if in case you don't know LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!). It's all about Jasmine =)

    Then I mentioned how I feel Gross because I haven't cut my nails, shaved my legs, or had a haircut.

    Hope I re-capped my entry well.

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