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Running Scared -- End the Lies (running_scared) wrote,
@ 2005-06-23 09:46:00
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    Ok so I could only find two of the letters, I said I'd post em up here cause I keep forgetting to give them to you.


    Hey Babe!
    Im so bored sitting at school so I decided to write to you & I will eventually send you this, or give you this. I can't wait for this weekend, so I can hopefully see you again. I probably won't be in yakima for the chang show unless I miraculously make twenty bucks by then, which I might! It'd be super if I could... But michelle may be here that weekend & I may go back to marysville with her for a week. If I dont have a job.. Derek quit at McD's so I am probably going to apply there that way I will have money so I can go & see you whenever I want to, well whenever I have money and time off. You should come and stay with me somtime soon, my rents wouldn't care. At least I dont think they would. They'd probably have you sleep out in the motor home. Im so effin bored right now, its lunch time and I left my idiotic friends who were outside while its so hella effin windy! So I came inside and am sitting by my english classroom. Im still writing, which is weird cause cause I really don't like to write that much. This may be an accomplishment for me! A long letter to my wonderful amazing boyfriend. I am glad we met, and Im glad I came back to that show! Hella glad! Ok so now day two of this letter, it's taken me two days to write you a letter. Wow I don't keep a focus on anything for that long, cause I never can concentrate. Wow. So it's 3 days since the last time I saw youand I hope I can this weekend. If not I'll be hella effin sad. Wow i've noticed that the main thing I talk about is either going to see you, or missing you. Tommorow is graduation day for the seniors which means 4 dys until schools out! Maybe I can leave town ten, For like I dont k now a week. Yea right, Im going to have to be home incase i get an interview or anything. But i could drive down there when I have money. (there was more but alot of it got scratched out and stuff and then it said ignore my spazztasticness and somthing about being like that when i was bored. Then somthing about the clam dissection and ew.)

    <3 yer cute idiotic but lovable g/f


    Garrett -

    Hey love! What's up? Not much here.. Just kinda chillin in my tent and shit. So I forgot to give you these letters once again. Haha so hopefuly Melissa and I go to Yakima monday or tuesday.. I got my dad a new dvd player for fathers day. Small and inexspensive.. but it's spiffy. :P I also bought some lepord print material, making a cute top out of it.. So Im like chillin and hopin' you come online b4 I fall asleep which will proabbly be hella soon cause im effin tired.. Im still exhausted and ive slept ALOT. My mum thought u were gunna stay n go out to lunch with us too btw. But oh well. You really needed yer sleep. :) Cause I woke you numerous times this morning whenI really didnt even need to cause we didnt stay or get pictures.. It was gay! Im happy I got to spend as much time as I did with you tho. It was great. splendid. Spiffy? Fantastic! lol. Im not sure what else to write, should just talk about the other stuff. I had a GOOD night last night ALTHO!!! hopefully theres many "better" nights or times to come.. well im exhausted and out of things to say.. I <3 you..

    <3 yer gf.

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