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Kaitie (runaway13) wrote,
@ 2003-07-27 12:23:00
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    Current mood: restless
    Current music:Swing, Swing--AllAmerican Rejects

    perogi fest
    its storming over here and i wanna go outside! i dont know what to write about. my life hasnt been all that eventful. except for last night. me -n- ashley went to the perogi fest and we were waiting outside of the bar because we cant go in or sumthing like that in indiana because we arent 21 but anyways, there was this group of people and one of the guys walked up to us and was like "how are you fine ladies doing tonight?" ashley freaked out and walked away and i just kinda laughed and walked away and we were standing on the other block but we could see them and they could still see us and they were pointing at us and crap so they send this girl over to come and talk to us. so now they are all staring over by us while ths girl talks to us. she was like 'they want u to go over there and talk to them, blah blah blah' so then she askes us how old we are and i said 13 and then she says that all the people are between the ages of 17-21. they all looked really embarrassed when she told them. hahaha that was funny. well gotta go
    <3 kaitie

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