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eric brooks (rufioo) wrote,
@ 2003-11-24 14:30:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:up syndrome // my kung fu is your meth

    mod 3!!
    hey everyone whats up i just got home from school. it was pretty good. spanish was awesome.. i got a 93 on the big test, and i think i did so well because i did all my homework which provided a good review for me. the semi was friday, it was hella cool. i had fun, dressed up like a p.i.m.p., ya know, the works. theres a new upsyndrome song on their mp3 site its awesome!!! like all their songs are wicked simple but super catchy. i also went to the mall on saturday night with mike heather kim and jay. good times right thurr. in spanish today i came up with a cool concept for a neat game, while shaun made up the guidelines and rules for the game, and alex came up with the title: which is humbly named MOD 3, after the room in which it originated in!! good stuff right thurr. ok well this is a really quick update ill write back later on this week. only 2 and a half days of school this week!! pep rally on wednesday!! yay!!! heres a pic from the semi:

    from left to right, thats mike, heidi, me, stacey, and shaun. fun night!!! ok im out! <3 eric

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